50 – Zero Youth Football Playbook

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 A New England Coach provides a playbook series for your youth program!  It is great stuff and I want to share it with you all.

Click Here Now for the entire playbook series

Dear coach, 
If you care about your kids and the game you will read this four times. It’s that serious.
My name is Jamie Lewis, and I pulled Steve Christy’s leg.
I talked him into releasing his playbook, strategy and the video that I
took of his games, meetings and clinics during the entire 2011 season.
Being a father of one of the kids on Steve’s team, I’ll tell you this is like nothing I have ever seen before.
Steve Christy coaches youth football. That’s what he does.
When he’s not coaching youth football, he runs a sports apparel company.
He lives and breathes football.
Steve Christy is all about sports whether it is coaching Youth Football, High Schooll football or designing jerseys for teams.
His team is unstoppable. And it’s not because he has one star player or makes the kids practice all year long.
He put in the work to create the most intricate spread offense.
Until now, his methods have been secret, and for as long
as he allows me to host this site, you can get your hands on the very
same plays he has used to win multiple AYF championships every year for 6

Click Here Now for the entire playbook series

Coach Christy’s methods are tremendous and your about to see the inner workings right on this page.

Make sure to watch his video above, (then check out what his download entails later on at the bottom.)

“Playoff time came, 35-7 first quarter. Show me anywhere in the world where the score is 35-7 first quarter.”

“It’s not just the passing attack either. It’s the running game that really makes the passing go” Steve explains.

“My boys are flat out nasty. Put us on a turf field, we can’t get beat!”

“You gotta make plays. We’ll even occasionally see a throwback to our offensive tackle. We get everyone involved.”

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This record speaks for itself.

“My kids aren’t 6′ 2″ 180 lb runningbacks” Steve says.

It’s all about the route and the execution.

It’s true. How else could they consecutively win over & over agan?

With his playbook. And that’s what you are about to get your hands on.

Click Here Now for the entire playbook series

So you are probably curious about what I am getting at here.

I harrassed Steve for 12 months, Camera in his face, recording everything the man did.

I was absolutely fascinated watching my son, brand new to football executing plays like this.

Not only do they win every game, 35-0 or better… but every kid on the team is a star player!

It’s not like there are one or two really good players and the other kids stand there.

It is a real TEAM effort.

So I hope you appreciate my “outsider’s perspective.”

I seriously doubt any “insider” to Football coaching
would allow these plays to be downloaded without spending an arm & a
leg on coaching, but me & Steve worked it out.

So here is what you get:

Click Here Now for the entire playbook series

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