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NE Ohio HS Football

Cardinal Mooney High School Football (Youngstown, Ohio)


Cardinal Mooney was
founded in 1956.  The school is run by the Roman Catholic Diocese of
Youngstown and is named after Cardinal Edward Mooney, a former
Youngstown southsider, Archbishop of Detroit and as a Vatican diplomat
and scholar.  

Ohio High School Athletic Association State Football Championships:

  • 1973, 1980, 1982, 1987, 2004, 2006, 2009, 2011          

Notable Football alumni:

Bo Pelini, head football coach at University of Nebraska
Bob Stoops, head football coach at Oklahoma University
Mark Stoops, head football coach at University of Kentucky
Mike Stoops, defensive coordinator Oklahoma Univeristy
Rick Shepas, head football coach at Waynesburg University
Carl Pelini, head football coach at Florida Atlantic University
Denise DeBartolo York, current owner of the San Francisco 49ers
Edward J. DeBartolo Jr., former owner of the San Francisco 49ers
Ed Muransky, professional football player for the Los Angeles Raiders
Jerry Diorio, professional football player for the Detroit Lions
Kyle McCarthy, professional football player for the Kansas City Chief

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2013 Player Profile:

Nicholas J. Bilas            Junior, Class of 2014       
6′ 280                           Center / Defensive Line

Current Stats:               

    • Squat Max                   525 lbs.
    • Power Clean Max        300 lbs.
    • Dead Lift Max              560 lbs.
    • Bench Press Max         345 lbs.
    • Bench Press 225 lbs.    25 reps
    • 40 yard dash                 5.1 sec
    • 3-Cone shuttle               4.6 sec


Current GPA:  3.6

ACT Score:  21 (Retake Test date 02/09/2013)      
SAT Score:        (Pending test date 03/09/2013)

Game Video & Profile:

Head Coach:

P.J. Fecko
(330) 509-0515

 Strength, Feet, Hands & IQ:

linemen are the hardest guys on the field and in the weight room, and
Nick Bilas is no different.  He has many of the intangibles to play the
position of Center.  
  •   IQ – Football smarts identifying fronts, alignments, and
    protection adjustments.  The intangibles of playing the center position
    at a high profile program such as Cardinal Mooney.  
  • Pedigree – nephew of Chris Anzevino – (48 consecutive starts at Kent State University & current member of Cleveland Gladiators (Arena League)
*College coaches usually gauge a recruit’s intelligence by asking
about a recruits grades.  A second area of intelligence is being asked
now by college recruiters in reference to recruits; access to video.  Is
the recruit putting in the extra work on his team’s film database
either at school or from his log in at home.  Many schools are using
computer programs that allow players to access film at home and allow a
coach or recruiter to access the amount of time a player is logged into
his team’s database.  Bilas is at the front of the class in reference to
self scouting his play, his opponent’s play and his preparation and
growth.  Recruiters will be impressed with his dedication to film study.
  • Strength – evaluating an offensive
    lineman’s strength I am drawn first to the recruits hip flexibility. 
    Can the recruit complete a body squat, (hip joint below the knee), with
    hands above his head holding bar w/o weight in a snatch grip and drop to
    a depth in a very natural way with his hips back, knees behind his toes
    and his heels flat.  Bilas has very good hip flexibility, great depth
    and looks natural.  His strength gains will be enhanced as his hip
    flexibility will allow for great leverage maintaining proper pad level
    and hand placement.  

*  Core Strength – Bilas possesses great core lift strength and
proper technique.  He is a 500+ squat and dead lift recruit.  His Power
Clean is 300+ with great a great catch in the power clean firing the
elbows high and catching in a proper front squat.  His legs are massive
allowing him to come out of his squats with the explosiveness he will
need to compete against Ohio’s top defensive lineman.  His bench press 1
rep max approaches 350 lbs. & 225 rep test at 25 reps.  His grip is
impressive as his elbows stay at or inside the 90 degree position when
pressing enhancing his punch when coming off the line.
  • Feet & Hands – Bilas has strong
    hands, big feet and skinny ankles.  He is quick on his feet and
    possesses the ability to reach a 3-tech, engaging his hands at 11 & 1
    o’clock and fitting his face in between his hands.  He consistently
    possesses the ability to climb to the second level and cut off a fitting
    LB.  Cardinal Mooney is not a 5-step throwing team therefore he is not
    being asked to kick-post pass set.  He does have the feet & hands to
    post up a NG as well as the leverage and strength to avoid the bull
    rush that ultimately comes from a hard charging player.  His physicality
    and aggressiveness at the point of attack drive him to “Win the Rep!”  



    Telltale Sign of Potential:     

According to Mike Farrell, Rivals’ national recruiting analyst, there is
one trait that shows up on an offensive lineman’s game film, regardless
of the system or opponent, and is a must-have in college–aggression. 
For this reason, Bilas will be on the recruiting board of many FCS &
BCS colleges this spring and next fall.  After review of the game film,
Bilas is a finisher.  He is consistently finishing a rep engaged with a
defender, either a hand in the grass defender or a stand-up player, and
completing the rep / play by planting the defender on their back to the
turf.  This aggression and the desire to finish a rep consistently is
very attractive and will have college recruiters drooling at the
mouthand saying “this kid’s an animal” when visiting Coach Fecko at
Cardinal Mooney this Spring.  Physicality jumps out on film quickly and I
think it’s the most important factor by far, especially with the
caliber of defensive lineman today.  Bilas is willing to hit a guy as
hard as he can every play.  I would say it has something to do with him
being the son of United States Marine. 



Bilas will attract interest across a
wide range from college recruiters.  He will face tough competition
every week which will provide great film.  His family connection to the
Military will bring interest from the Academy’s providing he obtains the
ACT/SAT scores.  There will be many FCS & BCS schools that have him
on their board.  Where he ends up is part of the process as he is
visited by recruiters as well as when he visits schools this spring.
Ron Anzevino
“Take Control”

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