College Football Recruiting – Get Evaluated and Get Recruited

College Football Recruiting – Get Evaluated and Get Recruited

32 years of coaching at all levels of football, and I will tell you that the first step to a college scholarship and getting recruited is getting evaluated! For this reason I have joined with colleagues and formed MyFootball Evaluation! – 

I understand and want high school football players with a dream to play college football at the next level to understand that chasing a College Football Scholarship  starts with getting evaluated. To GET RECRUITED you first must GET EVALUATED! 

High school football recruits pursuing their dream of a college scholarship will not achieve their goal to become a college football player by just sending emails and attending camps. Parents, trust a proven process with over 80+ years of coaching and playing experience from our staff of coaches!

Your student-athlete’s professional evaluation which identifies the correct college level of play is THE 1st STEP! 

Get Evaluated

In 40+ years as a player and coach at the college, high school, and professional level including Europe’s top American Football divisions under the previous NFL Europe program, I have partnered, assisted, and rode along with hundreds of student-athletes committing to all levels of college football chasing their academic and athletic dream at the NCAA, NAIA & NJCAA levels.

* evaluates, consults, and guides families with student-athletes seeking a college football scholarship.

* has developed a first class relationship with college football programs from across the country with a proven methodology and game plan for success.  We will guide you on your journey to becoming a college football student-athlete.

We educate families on the recruiting landscape, identifying important time frames, and provide a step by step game plan for success. “Our service is focused on the driving point that a college football coach wants to build a relationship with a student-athlete.”

We emphasize that we will guide you on your recruiting journey and consistently present the importance of EFFORT on the student-athlete’s part in reaching out to the correct college at the correct level of play to maximize the recruiting experience.  

We identify what needs a college football program seeks, present our student-athletes in a professional manner, and connect with college football coaches.

WHY? Because we have been there! We call coaches, and the coaches answer or return our calls.

We provide the detail presenting your student-athlete to college football coaches and understand what a college football coach is looking for in recruits. provides:

  • Education throughout the entire recruiting process.
  • Proven game plan for success, creating exposure, momentum and research on your top college matches.
  • Educate you and your family about the entire recruiting process.
  • NCAA & NAIA timelines, rules, policies including the NCAA  Eligibility Center & NAIA Eligibility Center.
  • Detailed information regarding top college matches, academic, admission and financial aid details with a guided road map for success including the FAFSA process.

Our student-athletes are serious. Understand that recruiting is a competition and commit to our proven game plan for success. If this is YOU, contact us now HERE – Get Evaluated

Do Not Wait! YOUR future is a CLICK away!

We are confident your time will be respected and our consultation will prove valuable as we join with you on your recruiting journey!  We limit the number of our recruits to ensure the personal, professional, and detail of our consultations and members. and YOU partner on YOUR college football evaluation, research, and game plan for success.  


My Football Evaluation Team

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