Cover 3 Coverage with 4/5 man pressure


  1. Great run defense for one & two back sets. (All gaps
    are accounted for)
  2. Gives a pressure look to QB with 4 or 5 man pressure. (makes him honor
  3. Must bring multiple 5 man pressures and combined with 4 man pressure disguises.


  • Corners- line up outside eye shade, tight to the
    WR one or two yards off from the receiver.
  • OLB line up on inside eye of the #2
    receiver.  Plays 3-5 yards off
    receiver depending if they are pressing or not.
  • Free Safety- lines up 12 yards splitting the
    two widest threats


  • Play a Press Technique.
  • Press Technique- Open step just before the snap (corners need
    to try to time the snap), eyes are looking in, they open step & will create
    a ½ turn so the corner is looking at #2 and #1 at the same time.  Corners outside shoulder are now on WR’s
    outside shoulder. Next they will cross over and run.  Corner should have a 3 yard cushion,
    they will mirror the WR’s feet and if they need to use the hands they can
    (vs. Out and Up)
  • Play Post and Go first- they will run with any
    Post or Go routes unless they see a wheel by the #2.  If they see a Wheel they will split the
    two deep routes so they can play both. 
    This is the only time they come off the post.
  • Vs. Boot action the corners cut off any Post
  • Vs. Trips they play the same techniques, away
    from trips the corner has the deep routes for ½ the field.
  • If #1 on your side runs a square in you will
    gain depth and look to cut off a backside post

Flat Players (SS / OLBs)-

  • Do not allow quick seam routes.  They use a catch technique and try to
    re-route the receiver to the outside. 
    When re-routing to the outside your eyes should work out towards #1
    looking to take away the smash route
  • Catch Technique- eyes are on the WR’s waist.  On the snap buzz down 2 yards and mirror
    the WR.  Take an open step the
    direction the WR is going.  Don’t
    allow the WR’s hips to clear your hips.
    Feet open 1st, Hips
    open 2nd, and opposite hand is last.
  • Make #2 take you to the flat, if not protect
    the seam.
  • If you are pressing the receiver and lose the
    guy to the outside, flip the hips and try to slap the hands and use a
    wedge technique to get back with his hips.

Free Safety-

  • The Safety will make all plays 3 yards inside
    of each hash. Unless #1 runs a square in to his side.
  • Safety is an aggressive run player
  • Eyes go to the twins side first because it is a
    more dangerous pass threat.
  • If #2 runs a wheel gain depth and look to play
    a post by #1
  • If #1 runs a square in on the twins side they
    will jump the pattern
  • Vs. any boot action the Free will close on any
    crossing routes.
  • Vs. Trips the Free with have the ¼ on the side
    of trips.

Inside Linebackers (MLB and WLB)-

  • Once they get a high hat read they will gain
    depth looking for #3 to #2 or #2 to #1 on their side and get in the vision between receiver and
    the quarterback.  This will help
    take away the seam  by #2 and will allow communication to SS or OLB of “Push Call”.
  • Drop zone is in the line of sight of the seam
    (Hook to Curl) / Shallow Hole.

“Laying a Foundation 1 Brick at a Time!”

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