MyFootball Evaluation & Gridiron National Network! “DaGrid”

MyFootball Evaluation #1 Evaluating Athletes + #1 Recruiting Technology = “The Winning Combo!”

We are extremely excited to announce our newest affiliate to work alongside helping Athletes and Families.


DaGrid, short for the Gridiron National Network, is a network offering the latest football-related information. We are providing football in one place for all aspects specific to American Style Football. The grid offers technology, science, training, coaching, consulting, equipment, and apparel. The football community lacks reliable information and testing results that are unbiased. DaGrids mission is to provide evaluations as a third party with experienced ex-NFL coaches and players giving you the feedback you need to move forward in your aspirations. This site will have pertinent information for parents, players, coaches, organizations and companies that are interested in the football community, worldwide.


MyFootball Evaluation – #1 Evaluating Athletes and projecting level of play! 

MyFootball Evaluation and our 100+ years of college coaching and recruiting experience is the BEST evaluation and projection available to YOU as a potential college prospect. Why? Our coacheshave the unique experience of recruiting athletes from all over the country at every level of play.

We provide the unique perspective of position specific skill set evaluations identifying areas of strength and areas that need focus. Additionally, our evaluation provides for you a “moving forward game plan” as presented through the lens of a college coach.

All of this is created for YOU on your unique MyFootball Evaluation profile page complete with your highlights, evaluation, projection, targeted level of play and More……

Next step – the best and most affordable software that places you in charge and allows you to proactively connect with YOUR target level coaches!