DB Crew: EDDs & Indy



Shaler Area HS
Defensive Backs
During Individual Period there are two
different groups of drills we will do.  There
are EDD’s (Every Day Drills) which should be done every day.  These are fundamental drills that teach,
reinforce and simulate football movements. 
There are also alternate drills that are used periodically in the year
to teach other skills or the same skills but in a different drill (Players keep excited). 
Drills used should simulate football
situations.  We will never use a drill
that isn’t teaching or simulating a movement, action, or play that we will have
to execute in a game.  We will use the
drills that are the most efficient for our system.
Drills are given a name.  This name will allow the players to get used
to a drill and the coach can simply say the drill’s name and the players should
know what to do.  Drills will be
explained and explained as they relate to game situations. 
Maximize reps with high quality
execution.  Drills are meant to isolate
skills and have players execute those abilities.  We will reinforce the idea of “high tempo
& getting better
every day” through drills.

pt, narrow stance, small package, inside foot slightly back.
balls of feet, Eagle claw!.
-knees bent, hips
back, bent at waist, flat back Hands in front of knees, chin over the toes.
“cover the
numbers” = we should not be able to clearly see players front numbers.  This ensures the players are bent over with back
level down, eyes up, head up and shoulder blades pinched.
hanging loose, hands inside of frame
Ease Backpedal – “Pedal” / “Speed – Pedal” /
instance, usually 4 lines, 4 whistle progression.
‘go’ command by coach players execute back pedal.
narrow base, keep pad level same
pumping (“beating the drum”), eyes up, good balance
Pedal Transitions – (0 / 45 / 90 / degrees)
on ‘go’, on ‘break’ quick feet stop and back up to coach
for quick feet to change direction, not wide base
must accelerate after break, not jog back up
Pedal / Plant / Drive –transitions – (0 / 45 / 45 & open / 45 –
vertical & open)
break 90 degrees on coach’s ‘break’ command
left and right, then go on coach’s point direction (reaction open changed
eyes up field, sprint after break at least five yds (use lines)
Pedal vertical 45 degree
break 45 degrees to corner or post
left and right, then go on coach’s point direction (react to stimuli)
must accelerate out of break
Double Move Drills
            a)  Back and corner, speed turn to other corner
backpedal, break to corner on command, on spin command
around snapping head around and go 45 degrees other way


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