Defense “Characteristics & Attributes”

Defense is and will always be the key to winning championships.
*Defense MUST love to run!
*Defense MUST love to hit!
*Defense MUST be selfless!
*11 defensive players MUST do their jobs!
*Defense MUST play aggressive!
*Defense MUST be in relentless pursuit!
*Defense MUST adapt & adjust to PGs!
*Defense MUST be situationally aware!
*Defense MUST create opportunities for points!
*Defense MUST force take aways!
*Defense is a tough, physical mindset!
*Defense is a daily mentality!
Everyday wake up with a mindset that we will out work, out hit, out react our opponents.
PMA – (positive mental attitude)
Defense is fun and energetic!
“Play Defense”
“Laying a foundation 1 brick at a time!”
*Share your defensive attributes!

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