Defensive Back “Corner” Cover 3 & Man Rules

Cover – 3 Zone
Coverage Rules

 •Corners –
align 1 inside by 7 yards deep & skate the 3-step    /   catch & 1 step by
the QB keying quick game.  
                 –  NO Quick game then
rifle 10 yards deep to divider  identifying the release of the #2 WR.
                 –  Flip hips square to the LOS & stay 8 yards over the top of any vertical
threat reacting to the route.
Coverage Rules 
Rules:  Align in a parallel stance and we will use a step Back & Jab with our inside foot & inside hand. Eyes start at belt buckle!
         -eyes move to stay locked on man’s
inside hip with inside arm at inside hip or “In Phase”,  in short and intermediate zones (0-12 yd’s),
         – eyes will climb in
deep zone (12+ yd’s) to inside shoulder pad tip staying “In Phase!”
         – lock on eyes until he has confirmed with his eyes and
hands that he is about to catch the ball then try to rip ball from WR’s hands.
         – Look for ball only if you have your man “In Phase and able
to pick his pocket – then wedge man toward sideline.


“Laying a Foundation 1 Brick at a Time!”

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