Defensive Line Get-offs

Defensive Line
Teaching Progression

1.Key the ball – Strike when ball moves;
(All drills will begin with ball movement when possible)
2.Attack with inside foot; short 6 inch
power step, looking to get 3 steps before the down hand and assume a great
strike position!!
3.Pad level down, eyes at the numbers of OL
GOAL: Beat the OL out of their
stance. By the time the ball reaches the 
Center’s tail, we should be striking / attacking OL & gap @ v of
Placement – “Strike”
explode from ground up –  Elbows in,
thumbs up
for V of the neck / breastplate of OL – Be quick, inside hand replacement wins
attacks and stays to gap side V of neck – 
critical on reach blocks
must NEVER stop moving / win the battle of the hands!
level down & STAY LOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zone @ full extension of arm, Lock elbows so arms are straight!!
power hand/trail hand technique to turn shoulders of OL.
hand lock out and stop pressure of OL using “Push-Pull” technique to turn OL
shoulders & “Drive-Away” from block!!
hand pull
will occur up field
pull – disrupt blocker from his responsibility
under –  power hand press, trail hand
over – Power hand grab, trail hand over
to backside (away), squeeze 1 gap

“Laying a Foundation 1 Brick at a Time!”

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