Defensive Line Size – Strength – Prototype & Differences in DT & DE

DL profile: physical, mentally tough, athletic & plays with a high motor!
#1 attribute for a DL is physicality. I am looking for the classic tough guy. The guy that will get In without hesitation and mix it up. The guy that refuses to stay blocked. A DL loves to be in the middle of controlled mania!
No question there is a difference between DL & OL. The classic OL can be referred to as the good old boy. The classic DL is looked at as the alpha. That is not always true, but it is a starting point as I look at potential DL and players that play with a high motor.
A DL is mentality tough and assertive. A DL never cares about being double teamed. A DL invites competition. A DL encourages contact and desires to be challenged. A DL never backs down. A DL is a fierce competitor & high energy with a high motor. DL are among the toughest players on the team. A DL is at times high maintenance. A DL is vocal.
DL are a rare breed. Each player is different and should be coached accordingly. Coaching the DL is vital as is choosing your DL coach. The DL coach will deal with much more on and off the field compared to other staff members.
When looking at a DL I initially think feet then hands & motor; “feet never quit moving and win the battle of the hands!” Somebody that can run and enjoys to run!
A DL must be a twitchy player not a heavy stomper. A DL carries good body composition. NG is the exception. I will look at a thick ankle guy built like a block with good feet, lateral movement and violent hands. At DT/DE I will look for that twitchy player that is longer and leaner. The DE/DT must be able to pick up his feet and get them quickly back on the ground.
Is summary a DL player must be a knee bender that plays with that “Z” in the knee. A physically tough kid that will compete, enjoys contact, loves to run and plays with violent hands and a high motor.
“Laying a foundation 1 Brick at a time!”

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