Defensive Line get off 3 before 2

Defense lineman pride themselves on great getoffs. The getoff is the 1st step in developing great DL players. We begin with our stance we call “Rip Charge”.
1.  Covered hand down, covered foot back staggered.
2.  Stagger – covered toe to heal of uncovered foot or slightly further back.
3.  60% of weight on covered down hand, 40% of weight on feet with a 80/20 split of the weight. 80% of the weight on uncovered foot.
4.  Tail is slightly higher than head & off hand is ready as a weapon.
GETOFF: “3 before 2”
1.  1st step is a short power step, not over reached. Objective is to pick up covered
(staggered foot) foot and get it back on the ground as quick as possible.
2.  Second step comes from uncovered foot gaining ground ahead of covered foot. Hands are locked and loaded in the strike position on the second step.
3.  Third step we come to balance with the covered foot slightly ahead of uncovered foot and at midline of OL player.
4.  On the 3rd step we MUST deliver our strike to the OL player at the V of the neck with covered hand and with uncovered hand contact made on the outside shoulder pad tip.
5. Our objective is to get that 3rd foot on the ground and deliver a STRIKE before the OL player gets his 2nd foot on the ground.
*This is our Getoff progression and part of our EDDs.
“Building a foundation one brick at a time.”

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