DL “Low Hat” Block Recognition

Following the “Get-off”, every DL players progression is block recognition.  We teach 3 low-hat progression / reaction teaching techniques daily.
*Low-Hat Block Reactions:
1.  OL “Down” – our DL will react to a  down block by squeezing the outside shoulder pad tip of the OL. Our objective is to be violent with our strike squeezzing the OL preventing his shoulders from being square & climbing to the 2nd level. We want to cancel the gap to the inside of   OL with his body. In short we teach – “Down = Squeeze”.
2. OL “Drive” – our DL will react to a drive block with a sit – seperate – pull through reaction. Following our get-off we recognize the OL in a drive block / base block our reaction imediately transfers to our core strength. We will sit or sink our hips maintain an athletic base and drive forward followed by a violent pull through. The pull through combines with a catapult of our body to our gap control combined with the OL being slung forward driving his nose into the dirt.  “Drive block = sit / seperate / pull through!
3.  OL “Pull” – Our DL will react to a OL Pull with a grap cloth – follow technique. Following the get-off our DL recognizes a pull by the OL we will imediately grap cloth & follow or grap cloth follow and skinny the back block or pull check by the OL player attempting to secure the release of the puller. “Pull = grap cloth & follow”.
*High hat recognition will translate to pass rush techniques & will be covered in a later blog.
“Laying a foundation 1 brick at a time!”
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