Get Evaluated

How does My Football Evaluation work?

My Football evaluation is a one-time evaluation by former College & NFL Coaches with over 70 years combined coaching and playing.
We will evaluate your physical profile and your video to help you get a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses as well as where you should focus your efforts in recruiting based on those athletic and academic qualities.

What are the benefits of My Football Evaluation?

My Football evaluation will get you on the right track for your recruiting. We will give you the best evaluation you can get to know where you stand so you can decide which schools you should be focusing on. This one time evaluation will also help you narrow down what camps you should attend for the upcoming college camp sessions during the summer months, saving you and your family both time and money.

What is the cost?

This one time evaluation from coaches with over 70 years of coaching, playing & recruiting experience will cost $79.99.

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