How is recruiting going? Have you been Evaluated yet? We can HELP!

Coach Anzevino here! I trust all is well. Did you know that the recruiting process will not begin properly until you have been evaluated! Once evaluated, coaches will determine whether you are a fit at the college level and see you as a potential prospect.

Great News!

*We will review your Hudl video.

*We will determine for you if your skill set transfers to the college game.

*It is very important that you are having communication with college coaches.

*Our group of ex-college coaches evaluate as college coaches for college coaches.

*We get it right! We direct our families and athletes in the direction for maximum exposure and coach communications.

*YOU MUST be looking at the best target level programs that match your profile and skill set!

*Our coaches have 100+ years of college coaching experience!

*If YOUR GAME transfers to the college game, We will HELP!

 *Level of play and knowing who to target is MOST IMPORTANT! 

*We are COLLEGE COACHES evaluating for you and for college coaches!  

*Our 2-Star Evaluation will help you target the best programs for your profile and skill set. 

*Our 3-Star Evaluation will get you on the radar of College Coaches.  

*Our 5-Star Consultation will get you educated on the recruiting process specifically, NCAA Eligibility Center, FAFSA & will get get you RECRUITED! 

Get Started with us now!

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