LB Play – 3 – 2 Inside LB Play Talbot Defense

Inside Linebacker play in our cover 3 match. Our MLB will be a 3-2 player in our cover 3 match.  

The MLB will play gap responsibility playing run 1st. Once the QB has cleared the depth of the RB(#3), and there is no run threat, the MLB will then adjust his drop to the release of #3. 
1st job is to identify #3 and alert the outside linebacker to a possible “push” call.  
#3 – inside release: MLB will drop on top of #3 maintaining a top down inside hip leverage. His eyes will move from the QBs upfield shoulder to proper leverage of #3.

#3 – outside release to flat: MLB will make “push” call to alert the outside linebacker to come off his reroute of #2 and expand to flat looking for #3 to flat. MLB will then push to #2s release carrying vertical to top of his zone (12 yards). MLB will wall #2 (keep inside leverage) on #2 and ping-pong his head and eyes back to QB to identify QBs upfield shoulder & elbow.

*Communication is vital to our success in cover 3 match.
*Getting hands on receiver is very important in disrupting route timing.
*Eyes & identifying QBs upfield elbow & shoulder are essential to drop location.
Another day in the process of settling for nothing less than perfection.
“Laying the Foundation 1 Brick at a time!”
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