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Coach Cello has dedicated himself to training athletes is West Alabama the last 8 years. He is a resident of West Alabama where tremendous athletes go under the radar needing an avenue for exposure.

Contact Coach Cello @HsAlabama –

West Alabama HS Recruiting Focus:

*Building better athletes.

*Providing a high level evaluation of an athletes strengths & areas of developmental focus.

*Commitment to structured game plan with a focus on those areas of needed improvement.

*Creating exposure opportunities for athletes through camps, 7 on 7’s college coach outreach and much more.

*Creating an environment breeding success and leading tutored athletes to high quality student-athlete exposure and opportunities at the collegiate level.





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Buster Griffin @HsAlabama


Millport, AL

Class of: 2019

Recommended level of play: FCS - D2 Slot WR scholarship Athlete - Buster is a game changing athlete with explosive speed and the ability to create splash plays every time he touches the ball. Size will not keep college coaches away. Buster is a nightmare match up in the slot vs Safety's and impessible for LB's to match up effectively. High level 3rd down Slot moving the chains with ability to win in space.

Height: 5'11" Weight: 165

40 Yard Dash: 4.45



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MFE Evaluation Scale: Evaluation of a High School Football player as it relates to Projected Level of Play, Impact at the College Level, Projected College Starter and Post College Projection.

*Resources include 247 Sports, Rivals, level of play rating criteria combined with the MFE-Index +  *100+ years of College coaching and recruiting experience. 

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