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Coaches, are you protecting your family! 

  • What does this mean and how does this pertain to each coach in America? I have spent the majority of my adult life coaching at the college, professional and high school levels, 32 years to be exact!  We as coaches share a distinct desire to compete, develop and work to our prepare our opponents in what I call the Invisible Competition!  We will spend long hours, 80+ hours weekly out preparing our opponents and getting our players ready to play all at the expense of our health! We also all believe that we are invincible! We do not take serious our own health and the impact our health has on the ones we love the most! OUR FAMILY! This became a reality for me December 11, 2011. I experienced my 1st heart attack and then a short 11 months later my 2nd heart attack that led to by-pass surgery with 3 arteries blocked at 100% and 2 more at 75%.  My wife made the doctor appointment for me, I attended reluctantly only to be made aware that if I did not attend the appointment, I probably would have not seen my wife and son much longer. as I stated, I had 3 arteries blocked at 100% and 2 more at 75%. The doctor came into the office after I had received a EKG and given blood, placed a chair in front of the door and sat in the chair and proceeded to tell me that I was not going anywhere, she had called my wife and that they were on the way from the hospital to admit me. She said that I was either having a heart attack or had just had one.  This changed my life and saved my life! If my wife was not so insistent on me going to the doctor I would have procrastinated and would not be hear today to share with you. Praise the Lord for her insistence.
  • My story is mine and my families! Your’s can be different. We talk about the process as coaches. Part of the process has to be your health! If not you will not be around to see the process you have put in place  or more importantly see your family and children grow, mature and create the memories that only you can share with them.
  • So I ask again: “Is your family protected?”




My name is Ron Anzevino:

*32 years coaching football at the 4 year College level, Junior College, High School & in Europe. I have sat with families and athletes guiding them through their college decision and now I will take the experience and lessons learned for 30+ years and partner with coaches all over America helping them prepare and make sure that their loved ones are protected! 

*Licensed Agent: PA / OH / VA / IN / DE / MO / WV / IW / NM / SD / AR / SC / TN / MI / FL

*My family and I are blessed to join with you and help you prepare for the future. Being parents of a special needs son, we understand the emotion that families will experience during tough times. When you team up with MFA Insurance agency & the experience we provide, we are here to support families in their time of need!
Blessings to all.





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