How to Get a Rivals Profile

College football coaches get fired up reading about the incoming pool of football talent, and a website like provides that insider gossip. Rivals is the leader in writing news coverage of high school football and basketball players. Their reporters attend events, watch videos, look at players’ stats. Then, they create articles for college coaches and diehard fans to read. If you’re wondering how to get a recruit profile on Rivals, we have the answers.

1. Go to a Rivals New Speed Combine

Are you ready to run faster and jump higher than you ever have? The free, open-to-all Rivals New Speed Combines test athletes in a number of football-specific drills. You have two shots at each drill, so make every moment count. Combines will be held in cities across the United States, so get out to one near you.

What’s in it for you: Within 24 hours, you’ll get detailed information on how you did in the drills plus an analysis on how exactly you can improve each one. And, you’ll get a Rivals recruit profile. The top athletes at the combines can be invited by a Rivals football expert to join the Rivals 3 Stripe Camp held the next day in the same city.

Register for for the Rivals New Speed Combines here.

2. Get Invited to a Rivals 3 Stripe Camp

Welcome to big league! These invite-only camps pit the best high school football players against each other for the ultimate showdown. If you get invited to one of these camps, it’s your golden ticket to put your football skills to the test.

What’s in it for you: The chance to go against elite players and see where you stack up. It’s also a great way to catch the attention of a Rivals reporter. Plus, camp attendance guarantees you a Rivals profile. You might even get offered the chance to attend the ultimate Five Star Challenge, where you will compete against the top 100 football players in the country.

3. Fill out a Rivals Underclassman Questionnaire

The outlook on this one is hazy. If you can’t make it to a Rivals event, you can fill out the Rivals Underclassman Questionnaire. Tons of athletes will be filling this out, so be sure to make yourself stand out from the pack.

What’s in it for you: A travel-free, no-sweat way to get your foot in the door.

4. Contact a Rivals scout – follow them on Twitter

If you prefer the more personal route, you can contact a Rivals scout (see our cheat sheet of scout contact information below). Again, tap into what’s unique about you. And if you don’t get a bite from the first scout, try someone else.

College Sports Editor
Mike Huguenin 615-507-1000 @MikeHuguenin

National Recruiting Experts
Derek Samson, Assistant Managing Editor 615-507-1006 @DSsamson
Chad Carson, Recruiting Editor 615-507-1041 @ChadCarson247
Mike Farrell, National Analyst 860-965-9518 @rivalsmike
Brian Perroni, Texas/Midlands Analyst 832-465-0292 @Perroni247
Chris Nee, Florida Analyst 850-980-3510 @CNee247
Keith Niebuhr, Southeast Analyst 813-732-2702 @Keith247Sports
Adam Gorney, West Coast Analyst 843-655-4190 @adamgorney

Greg Ladky, SEC Producer 414-526-9144 @GregLadky

Big Ten
Mike Gennaria, Big Ten Producer 513-641-9236

Big 12
Brian Perroni, Big 12 Analyst 832-465-0292
Al Balderas, Big 12 Producer 714-654-4096

Mike Farrell, ACC Analyst 860-965-9518
Mike Gennaria, ACC Producer 513-641-9236

Adam Gorney, Pac-12 Analyst 843-655-4190
Al Balderas, Pac-12 Producer 714-654-4096 

Big East
Mike Farrell, Big East Analyst 860-965-9518
Greg Ladky, Big East Producer 414-526-9144

National Experts
Jerry Meyer, National Analyst 615-351-6409 @jerrymeyer247
Eric Bossi, National Analyst 913-706-4896 @ebosshoops
Derek Samson, Assistant Managing Editor
Chad Carson, Recruiting Editor 615-507-1041

What’s in it for you: You can potentially catch the attention of a Rivals scout and establish a relationship.

Understanding the Rivals five-star ranking system

Rivals uses a star system to rank its athletes—the more stars you have, the more impact they expect you’ll make at the next level. The top 25-35 high school football players are five-star athletes, destined for the powerhouse Division I football schools. Four-star athletes are also in the exclusive group destined for Division I play. Three-star athletes will still receive top prospects, and might consider Division II schools or some Division I colleges. Two-star players are considered mid-major prospects, and one-star athletes aren’t ranked. So far in 2017, Rivals has identified 34 different five-star football players. See the full list of 2020’s top 250 football players.

Attend Rivals events to get more stars

While Rivals hasn’t released it’s secret formula for determining star ratings, they are clear about one thing: Camps and combines make a big difference. If you want to get ranked or increase your rating, attending a combine – and especially a camp—is the best way to get noticed.

Imagine you’re competing in a one-on-one against the number four running back in the country and you hold your own against him. Rivals reporters will keep tabs on you for the rest of the event to see what other tricks you can pull off. This is how you turn your talent into Rivals stars.

How you can get recruited without a Rivals profile

Going to camps, talking to reporters and getting free gear sound great. However, for a lot of student-athletes, a Rivals profile isn’t on their radar. And getting recruited to play college football doesn’t hinge on having a Rivals profile.

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