MyFootball Evaluation & Exposure Package

MyFootball Evaluation – #1 Evaluating Athletes and projecting level of play! 

Creating a highlight video has become the norm for all athletes. College coaches review specific highlights of those athletes that fit their specific skill set requirements, physical profile and much more. Do YOU know if your highlight is going to be viewed by a college coach? 

MyFootball Evaluation and our 100+ years of college coaching and recruiting experience is the BEST evaluation and projection available to YOU as a potential college prospect. Why? Our coaches have the unique experience of recruiting athletes from all over the country at every level of play.

We provide the unique perspective of position specific skill set evaluations identifying areas of strength and areas that need focus. Additionally, our evaluation provides for you a “moving forward game plan” as presented through the lens of a college coach.

All of this is created for YOU on your unique MyFootball Evaluation profile page complete with your highlights, evaluation, projection, targeted level of play and More……

Additionally, we provide each athlete with their very own skillSCORE developed by Competitive Sports Analysis.  

Analytics has moved into college recruiting and College coaches recognize this! MyFootball Evaluation and scoutSMART create a unique exposure opportunity unlike anything available to YOU. Using a customized analytics platform we help College coaches find the best recruits for their college athletic program. scoutSMART’s proprietary algorithm merges quantitative and subjective data to develop each athlete’s fitSCORE comprised from 3 dimensions – skillSCORE – (YOUR MyFootball Evaluation), statSCORE – (YOUR on-field production as verified by scoutSMART professionals) & smartSCORE – (YOUR GPA & SAT/ACT score)

*How it Works – scoutSMART is an easy-to-use online tool that allows College coaches to view the data for all recruits & recruit on the importance of certain elements based on their program specific needs & style of play.

*Finally, College coaches are now using Twitter to recruit potential prospects. We have joined our partner Play Book Athlete, and the National Twitter Campaign @playbookathlete@myfootballeval1 & @scoutPROcoach this football season for the best EXPOSURE on social media.  It all comes down to building brand awareness for yourself. Allow MyFootball EvaluationPlay Book Athlete & scoutSMART to help you develop a solid social media strategy and gain quality followers this season. We will also tweet and retweet your game stats & highlights to our 30k+ followers, including college coaches.  LET’S GO HARD THIS SEASON & “ALL WE PROMISE IS WORK!”

Monthly Exposure Payment Options

Your professional skill set evaluation is the 1st step on your recruiting journey and will be the most important step to navigating your target list of Colleges to research. Upgrade to a 5-star Evaluation for even better results! See below for details.
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