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Summer College prospect camps are here! Athletes and families are scrambling all over the country with camp invites attempting to interrupt if the camp invite is a genuine camp invite with college coach interest or are they just part of a cattle call invite used as a fund raiser by college coaches across the country to entice athletes to attend their camp.

2020 Billy Guidetti @Guidetti_21 Billy Guidetti Red Bank Catholic HS NJ Ht: 5’11” Wt: 180

When an athlete receives a camp invite either by mail, email, text or DM, they instantly interpret the invite in a manner that is the most enlightening to their personal goals, dreams future! Example – When an Ohio athlete receives an invite to attend Ohio State’s camp a feeling of individual pride pours out of the athlete and family. They instantly feel like they have been recognized and will do what they can to attend. The skill and instruction, the environment, experience is priceless and if the athlete understands the intent of the invite, that is, to attend a camp and improve on their fundamentals and compete then all is good. An athlete’s ego takes over and the athlete that is invited to a camp whether it is Ohio State, an Ivy League school, Alabama, USC, etc. needs to understand that only a select few invites are being recruited by the big schools. The rest of the athletes are their to gain exposure, compete and learn something that will help them become a better player.

Football recruiting is a “monster machine.” Every college program has a distinct plan regardless of level of play and each head coach and staff recruit in their own individual manner. Yes, there are similarities in athletes based on region, conference, level of play, etc targeted by college coaches, however, the misguided feelings that a recruit needs to have a “Star Rating” to get recruited at a high level is ludicrous. There are 1 million + HS Football players each year. Organizations such as 247, Rivals, ESPN recruiting, SBNation, Nike, Under Armor and others rank the top 300 or 1000. Do we honestly believe that only 300 or 1000 HS football players are worthy of the exposure and limelight provided to them by these media outlets? MyFootball Evaluation does not and we intend to promote and help the majority of athletes that can play at a high level get the exposure and limelight they deserve! 

We at MyFootball Evaluation, evaluate 100’s of athletes each and every month that are fantastic players, students and even more, better individuals. We highlight the athletes individual skill set and project the best target level of play for their physical profile, talent, athletic skill set, fundamentals, maturity and much more. We believe that it is time for the silent majority of great football players to be heard and we intend to give these athletes that platform to be heard.

MyFootball Evaluation

MyFootball Evaluation provides a FREE detailed player profile evaluation for every athlete that visits our site and clicks Get Evaluated! Our MFE evaluation includes the athletes most recent video, physical profile as it compares to college level of play position specifics, a snapshot through the lens of a college coach as to how a college coach will see their skill set transferring to the college game and much more. We then share their evaluation profile electronically in all forms, including, social media, text, email DM for all to see, including college coaches! Check out Coach Anzevino with one of our voice over evaluations by clicking here!

MyFootball Evaluation

*Our team of former college coaches has over 100+ years of coaching and recruiting experience. We have coaches that have coached at every level of play and in every corner of the country as well as overseas promoting our great game of Football. Check out our team of coaches by clicking here!


What is the driving force behind the passion of MyFootball Evaluation helping athletes? Included within out Discovery Form, each athlete is asked a very simple question, “What makes you a college football prospect?” This question in a slightly different form was asked of me when my college days were completed and I was attempting to make the roster of an NFL team. The winningest coach in NFL history asked me a pointed question as I worked out for his team back in 1987. He said to me, “What makes you think you can play at this level?” I answered him as best as I could on the spot with the genuine passion in my heart from a guy that had played the game for 16 years. That same question, in slightly different form, is what I pose to every athlete, and the answers these young individuals provide is breath taking, impressive, jaw dropping and many days leaves me speechless! It is worth the time of a college coach to read the 2 or 3 sentences these athletes share as without question their answers are well thought out, have fostered over many years, drive their desire and passion and definitely come from their heart! It is these answers that drive us at MyFootball Evaluation as we help athletes everyday!

MyFootball Evaluation

Finally, I leave you this day with what I say to many; “all we promise is work and as we strive to grow, our goal is not to be massive, but to get smaller in image so that the athletes we help can gain the exposure they deserve and continue on their individual recruiting journey helping to mold them into the individuals they will become!”

written by Coach Ron Anzevino – Founder of MyFootball Evaluation 6/5/2018 

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