NFL Scouting Combine 2014

Is J. Clowney DE Clemson a top 5 pick? Will Teddy Bridgewater be a franchise QB? Can Johnny Manziel electrify the NFL the way he did the SEC and Texas A & M.
There are many names that have surfaced including Watkins, Robinson and more. The question for the top teams in draft positions is need vs  hype. The most recent collective bargaining agreement has evened the playing field and put a lid on un proven rookies getting paid huge money without ever playing a NFL down. Now teams can draft need and position their teams for success.
The next 2 months will be very interesting to watch.  The Texans and Bill O’Brian are in a position to help an already talented football team. My quess is Oby takes a page out of his grooming as a Patriot assistant and trades down for draft picks.  We will have our answers to this very deep and talented draft and how franchises choose to position themselves.
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