NFL Week 13 “Fire Schiano – not so fast!”

Game Notes:

 Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Carolina Panthers:

  • Fire Schiano – not so fast.  The Bucs play hard and may just be buying into Coach Schiano and his staff.
  • Mike Glennon – the next in a line of NC State QB’s leading NFL franchises.  At 6’7″ inches tall, Glennon has stepped into a difficult situation after the Freeman debacle and is progressing into the franchise QB the Buccaneers need him to be. 
  • The Buccaneers run game is a staple of commitment and an identifier of their toughness.  The match up vs the Carolina run defense will play a major factor today.  
  • Cam Newtons’ new found confidence, patience and leadership will be tough for the Buccaneers defense to deal with.
  • Luke Kuechly, Carolina LB, leads a stout Panther defense with 93 total tackles.  He and his mates play tough, physical and relentless.
Pic: Tampa Bay – 28 Carolina – 24 in an upset and the Bucs 4th straight win.

Up Next: Ohio State vs. the team up north!