Ohio State vs. the team up north!

Ohio State vs. Michigan:

This week, the Governor of Ohio issued an official mandate to all Ohioans, do NOT use the letter “M” this week.  Saturday, on Braxton Millers’ birthday, the only way for the Buckeye QB to celebrate is for his Buckeyes to do what everybody expects them to do, dominate the Wolverines.  Five times in the last twenty years Michigan has shocked and undefeated Ohio State team.  Not today though, Miller, Carlos Hyde, Ryan Shazier and company will continue their winning ways and defeat Coach Brady Hoke and the Wolverines.
of the twenty two starters for this Ohio State team have an extra
special something lingering in the back of their mind today.  They are connected to the sweater vest.  Yes, these eighteen young men were
recruited and brought to Columbus by Jim Tressel.  The sweater vest
continues to live on in Buckeye land.  Coach Urban Meyer will stand on the OSU sideline directing his Buckeyes, knowing full well that he too is a care taker of the all mighty “sweater vest.”

Buckeyes – 35 Michigan – 14 in a emotion filled Ohio state victory.

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