Billy Davis – Interview

Player Key Physical Stats

Billy Davis – Interview

Upcoming visits / Previous visits – SDSU,UNLV, Dixie State, SUU

Recommended Level of Play: Early Projection – Physical profile of FBS MLB – very active and versatile to move to OLB and can put hand in the turf effectively and be productive. MLB is recommended future at higher levels of play. Will need to work on twitchy-sudden display with ability to match RB in space. Billy is physical, active and can fit a window at B & C gaps. He also demonstrates the ability to close very well on ball carrier as well as drop to the shallow hole reading the QB and defending the seam. Work needed on initial quick down hill sudden display to match up at higher levels.

Q1What areas have You improved over the off-seasonWorked on my strength & conditioning, speed & agility and coverage skills. I have a personal trainer helping me with speed training. I currently run a 4.5 40yd. My Dad has taught me the proper form for the weight room which has really helped increase my strength.

Q2 – How are Summer workouts going? To me there’s no such thing as Summer workouts because I believe you workout all the time to improve yourself. There’s no offseason in football. On my own I regularly lift at least 4 days a week. I currently bench 300, squat 400, power clean 275, front squat 300.

Q3 – How does your team look for 2018? We will compete for State this year! Our team is filled with veterans this year and we work really well together. Most of us have been playing together since we were 8 yrs old. The defense is really strong and teams will feel us.

Q4 – Which schools are showing recruiting interest in You? “2 offers from Dixie State and S.Utah U”, SDSU,UNLV, Weber State, Utah State, Colorado State

Q5 – Personal goals for 2018 season?  Lead the team in tackles, QB sacks, and interceptions. To be as disruptive as I possibly can to any offense we play. I will be game changer.

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