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Player Key Physical Stats

2019 Christian Valenzuela @tromiemowgli

Recommended Level of Play: D2 Scholarship player

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 190

40 Yard Dash: 4.78

5-10-5 Dash: 4.27

Evaluation Summary

*Evaluation Summary – Level of Play recommendation –  Displays average physical size at 6’1″ 190 pounds.

*Display of good athletic ability in pocket.

*Displays the ability to extend plays, good instincts and directs very good command of the offense.

*Physical ability to run a spread offense displaying ability with RPO’s, Zone Reads and Zone vs. man progressions. 

MFE-index rating – 3.5 of 6.0 – D2 Scholarship Athlete – Size and athletic ability skill set transfer at this point best to D2 programs. Important to geographically look to D2’s for exposure and name brand with college coaches. Work in off-season and D1AA  will come into picture.

* Note – QB training, ie – mechanics – slight dip in release slowing down release time. At HS level it is over come by Christian’s arm strength and athletic ability. Colleges QB coach will want this glitch fixed.

*Transfer of weight from back foot to front foot with hips at target present on video.

*Attending the correct camps where Coaches can see skill set and have Christian on their recruiting board are important. 

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Christian a Strong Arm, Poise in the pocket, Ability to extend a play with good athletic ability. Skill set and size transfer best to D2 Scholarship athlete at this point. Level can rise with great off-season.

D2 – Scholarship Quarterback

Physical Measurables:                       Key Stats:

  • Height: 6’0″ – 6’2” 40yd: 4.70 – 4.80
  • Weight: 200 lbs. – 215lbs. Bench: 245 lbs. – 265lbs                  Squat: 345 lbs. – 385lbs+

Coach Keys: * Quality of Play – Pro-Style and Spread QBs possess developmental need areas, intangibles exist /  *Spin Efficiency – Ability to throw the Deep Out, Comeback, Dig, & Seam Route with very little loft / *Arm Strength – Ability to throw ball through goalpost from 50-yard line / *Proficient ability to throw receivers open and execute the back-shoulder throw / *Dual-Threat QBs can be raw as passers but must display the ability of a one of the best athletes on the field with average size/speed combinations / *Demonstrates High Level QB ability – All-Conference level recommended. College Camp exposure.



GPA 3.5 Why are you a college football prospect? I believe I have the skill set, the right mentality and all the necessary tools to play Quarterback at the college. Highlights

Skill Set Breakdown

Physical Traits:

Arm Strength – Good velocity and spin with positive transfer and foot placement at set up. Good arm strength however a little dip at delivery when arming the ball high before release begins needs to be fixed.

Quick Release – Release needs polishing eliminating slight dip before release.

Accuracy and Ball Placement – Displays the ability throw a WR open and hit windows.

Instincts & Vision – Display of ability to extend play remaining poised locating throwing window.  Pocket instincts feeling the rush are good displaying maturity.

Set Up Quickness – Athletic, quick to set feet with ability to move in pocket to extend play and locate throwing lanes.

Avoid Rush / Run Ability – Good Athletic ability and Good instincts, with ability to extend play. Ability to put pressure on Defense.

Production in Key Situations – Displays good decisions and command of the offense.

  • The Grip – Video display good and quick to arm the ball into throwing position. Note – dip in release needs to be worked on. 
  • Lower and upper body passing mechanics – Good plant foot and transfer to front foot with hips at target!  
  • Route Specific Ball Locations – Arm strength good, runs spread offense with poise and confidence. Good ball placement of ball and displays the ability to give his wR the ability to win the 1 on 1.
  • QB/Center Exchange – Primarily in shot gun.  Arm of the ball eliminating dip needs work.
  • Pocket Movement – Displays good movement in pocket ability to locate open throwing lane window!.


Coach Anzevino


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