Cody Sanders @C4_Sanders2




Player Key Physical Stats

2019 Cody Sanders @C4_Sanders2

Recommended Level of Play: D3, NAIA - Possible D2 at right program. High Academic programs with academic background!

Height: 6 4

Weight: 300

Bench: 275

Squat: 425

Power Clean: 235 - Hang Clean

Evaluation Summary


*Evaluation Summary – Level of Play recommendation –  Good frame or college OL. Body composition and length at 6’4″ 290 fit profile for college program.  Displays a physical aggressive edgy style of play finishing to echo of the whistle. Displays skill set to climb 2nd level, will need to continue to work on feet, pad level and hip flexibility and mature to make transition to college game. Technique at point of attack displays a high IQ player working combos, reach and the ability to pull and kick out. Pad level at POA is a focus with length. Core strength development in off-season will be critical for higher level programs to take serious look. 


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MFE-index rating – 3.0NAIA – D3 – D2 Athlete Note – great off-season focused on core strength improvement in foot speed and proper use of specific OL training, ie – medicine ball training, ladder training & jump rope training can open doors to higher level programs

*Exposure and promoting to correct camps allowing college coach to see in person skill set, length, feet and technique is very important next spring and early summer. 

my football evaluation*The MFE-index rating – is an exclusive evaluation using the metrics of individual profile, athletic ability, fundamental display of position mastery and level of play as it transfers to the college game! 100+ years of college coaching and playing experience goes into every evaluation at MyFootball Evaluation. 


Senior Highlights
Junior Highlights

Skill Set Breakdown

D2 – High NAIA – D3 – Offensive Line

Cody has a great frame – loves the game and with academic background will attract college coach attention.

Physical Measurables:                       Key Stats:

  • Height: 6’2″ – 6’4” 40yd: 5.3 on Beam!
  • Weight: 260 lbs. – 285lbs. Bench: 285 lbs. – 300lbs     Squat: 410 lbs. – 425lbs

Coach Keys: * Physical Impact – Display the consistent aggressive edgy play at the Point of Attack on the LOS. Displays the ability to establish a new LOS with movement on defender. / *Versatile Efficiency – Displays good balance.  Displays good pad level and leverage with good knee bend! Displays a good wide base most of the time. Displays the ability to pass set with a good kick set and slide and can mirror the DL with good feet / *Ability in Space – Displays the ability to get to 2nd level and win in space with level change of hips and accelerating of feet most of the time / *Demonstrates High Level Ability – Multi-year starter, All Conference player.


* Base – Leverage – Feet – Hip Flexibility Displays good frame with good length desired as a 2019 prospect. Displays good body balance with the ability to redirect and stay on balance.  Physical at the point of attack, improvement on hip flexibility and knee bend lowering pad level is critical at next level. Very good upside with a high ceiling building on a solid base and focusing on his explosive ability to generate power at the point of attack. 

* Explosive at Point of Attack Functional display of strength & speed is good – ability to generate maximum power at the point of attack is marginalized with a pad level that is not consistent. Needs explosive strength development added to 6’4” frame for higher level programs. Establishes a solid inline power base and with explosive core improvement in strength, will continue to enhance his bend and power. Visual effort to play with leverage and deliver a strike displayed on video. A finisher when engaged! 

* Run Block / Hand Use Tough and physical run blocker displaying good use of hand placement, identifying the leverage of the DL and working to stay on balance and cover up defender. Mechanically sound with big frame and high ceiling with continued bend and a balance of feet quickness and power from core strength development. Angles are sound at point of attack and fits with hands are violent and deliver a blow. 

* Ability to climb 2nd level – Effort ability to take sound angles to second level defenders.  Works to cut off the angel of the defender and level changes hips in space when closing on target accelerating feet enabling movement and redirect. Comes to balance in space, continued work on hip flexibility desired.   

*Quick Set vs Power Rush – Deep Set vs Speed Rush Will need to focus on a deeper kick set for the speed rush, locking and loading of hands shooting only when the defender shoots hands first. Quick set is at higher level at this point with solid frame and base to absorb a power rush, displaying a solid post foot. 

* Physicality and Toughness Displays aggressive mentality willing to do battle in the phone booth. Maintains a finisher edgy approach when engaged with 1st level defenders finishing to echo of whistle. Focus on conditioning in off-season displaying a fit body composition will appeal to college coaches as the long lean conditioned frame is desired with the college tempo of playing fast. 

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