Donovan Cole @bankrolliedon


National Christian Academy HS

Fort Washington, MD

Player Key Physical Stats

2021 Donovan Cole @bankrolliedon

Recommended Level of Play: Pro Style QB - Great Frame - Big Arm - "MFE 2021 Elite-List QB"- *Donovan's MFE-Index Level of Play Rating  (43 out of 50pts) LOP Rating = FBS - *7.5 – 8.0 – Probable Starter at Primary Position.

Height: 6’2

Weight: 220

Evaluation Summary



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The MFE-index rating – is an exclusive evaluation using the metrics of individual profile, athletic ability, fundamental display of position mastery and level of play!  

MFE Evaluation Scale: Evaluation of a High School Football player as it relates to Projected Level of Play, Impact at the College Level, Projected College Starter and Post College Projection.

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*Donovan’s MFE-Index Level of Play Rating  (41 out of 50 pts) LOP Rating = FBS – *7.5 – 8.0 – Probable Starter at Primary Position.

Division 1 – FBS HS Prospects – (6.5 – 9.0)

*8.5 – 9.0 – Elite High School Prospect – (Composite ranking 6.1 Rivals / 5-Stars – 90-100 / 247 Sports 101-110 Franchise Player) / (6.5 = immediate starter / 7.0 = Franchise / Best Player at Position.)

*8.1 – 8.4 – Impact-Prospect at Primary Position – (Composite Ranking 5.8-6.0 Rivals / 4-Stars – 80-89 / 247Sports 98-100) / (6.0 = Early Starter & Contributor / 6.4 = Immediate Starter.)

*7.5 – 8.0 – Probable Starter at Primary Position – (Composite Ranking 5.5-5.7 Rivals / 3-Stars – 70-79 / 247Sports 90-97) / (5.5 = Potential Starter / 6.0 = Probable Starter.) 

*7.1 – 7.4 – Good Prospect at Primary Position –  (Composite Ranking 5.0-5.4 Rivals / 2-Stars – 60 -69 / 247Sports 80-89) / (5.1 = Potential Starter / 5.4 = Probable Starter.) 

*6.5 – 7.0 – Sleeper Prospect at Primary Position – (Composite Ranking 4.9 Rivals / No-Stars – Below 60 / 247Sports 79-Below) / (4.5 = Quality Backup / 5.0 = Late Starter.)

Division 1AA – FCS HS Prospects – (5.5 – 6.4)

*5.5 – 6.4 – (LOP Rating – 6.4 = FCS Impact Player – Early Starter / LOP Rating 6.0 = FCS Late Starter – Solid Contributor / LOP Rating – 5.5 = Role player – FCS Backup Player – Late Developer)   


“MFE 2021 Elite-List QB”



Donovan displays Elite physical profile, High Level  core strength, High Level athletic ability relating to quickness, COD & ability to stress a defense in space.


Donovan displays High Level  posture, cradling of the ball in the “Tuck”, and High Level  lower body passing mechanics with feet, gather and transfer to front foot and hips at target, maintaining high delivery point.


Donovan displays High Level  grip and ability to get the ball out of hands quickly, High Level  tight release, High Level minimal wasted throwing motions, High Level  catch-arm & set from Gun, and High Level ability demonstrating consistent release point of ball adjusting wrist velocity to touch of throw.

*Arm Strength

Donovan demonstrates Elite Level velocity and spin, High Level transfer and foot placement at set up, High Level hips at release to the target, Elite Level ability to control wrist at release point adjusting velocity, Elite Level  ability to delivery the deep out from the hash to the field numbers with velocity and accuracyand Elite Level  vertical distance arm strength.

*Versatility / Instincts & Vision

Donovan demonstrates High Level display of pocket instincts feeling the rush, High Level moving in the pocket aiding OL pass protectors, High Level  locating throwing windows, and High Level  athletic ability and instincts extending play putting pressure on Defense.

Why are you a college student-athlete prospect? Because I am a leader and each week I lead my team to war at the position I play. I have the will to grind and get better every week GPA - 2.5

Skill Set Breakdown

QB Profile Evaluation relating to level of play through the lens of a College Coach:

FBS Quarterback

Physical Measurables:                           Key Stats:

  • Height: 6’1″ – 6’4” 40yd: 4.5 – 4.6
  • Weight: 220 lbs. – 240lbs. Bench: 260 lbs. – 300lbs    Squat: 425 lbs. – 450lbs+

Coach Keys: *Polished– Pro-Style or Spread QBs *Spin Efficiency: Excels throwing – Deep Out, Comeback, Dig, and Seam Route with no loft / *Arm Strength– Ability to throw the ball through the goalpost from opposite 40-yard line / *Proficient abilityto throw receivers open & ability to execute the back-shoulder throw / *Dual-Threat QBsmay be raw as passers but best pure athlete on the field / *Demonstrates High level QB ability– All-State level *Recognition from national recruiting media & Premier National Camp & Combine presence a MUST.

FCS Quarterback

Physical Measurables:                       Key Stats:

  • Height: 6’2″ – 6’3” 40yd: 4.6 – 4.65
  • Weight: 210 lbs. – 220lbs. Bench: 250 lbs. – 275lbs                  Squat: 385 lbs. – 425lbs+

Coach Keys / * High Level Play– Pro-Style and Spread QBs possess 2 0r 3 of the qualities of a FBS QB / *Spin Efficiency– Ability to throw the Deep Out, Comeback, Dig, & Seam Route with slight loft. *Arm Strength– Ability to throw ball through goalpost from 50-yard line / *Proficient abilityto throw receivers open and execute the back-shoulder throw. *Dual-Threat QBscan be raw as passers but must display the ability of a pure athlete on the field with above average size/speed combinations / *Demonstrates High Level QB ability– All-Conference level at minimum. *Recognition from national recruiting media and Premier National Camp & Combine presence helpful.



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