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College Projection - WR

Ballard HS


Player Key Physical Stats

2019 Elijah Downing @Elijahdowning_

Recommended Level of Play: FBS D1 - Scholarship Athlete - great length, catch radius, ball skills. Power-5 is the GOAL! National combine results & Exposure and a presence at camps this Summer for College coaches to see in person! Great recruit, Great Future!

Height: 6’3

Weight: 190

Evaluation Summary

my football evaluation

The MFE-index rating – is an exclusive evaluation using the metrics of individual profile, athletic ability, fundamental display of position mastery and level of play!  

Level of Play Evaluation Scale: Evaluation of a High School Football player as it relates to Projected Level of Play, Impact at the College Level, Projected College Starter and Post College Projection.

*Resources include 247 Sports, Rivals, ESPN.com level of play rating criteria combined with the MFE-Index +  *100+ years of College coaching and recruiting experience. 

Division 1 – FBS HS Prospects – (4.5 – 7.0)

*6.5 – 7.0 – Elite High School Prospect – (Composite ranking 6.1 Rivals / ESPN.com 5-Stars – 90-100 / 247 Sports 101-110 Franchise Player) / (6.5 = immediate starter / 7.0 = Franchise / Best Player at Position.)

*6.1 – 6.4 – Impact-Prospect at Primary Position – (Composite Ranking 5.8-6.0 Rivals / ESPN.com 4-Stars – 80-89 / 247Sports 98-100) / (6.0 = Early Starter & Contributor / 6.4 = Immediate Starter.)

*5.5 – 6.0 – Probable Starter at Primary Position – (Composite Ranking 5.5-5.7 Rivals / ESPN.com 3-Stars – 70-79 / 247Sports 90-97) / (5.5 = Potential Starter / 6.0 = Probable Starter.) 

*5.1 – 5.4 – Good Prospect at Primary Position –  (Composite Ranking 5.0-5.4 Rivals / ESPN.com 2-Stars – 60 -69 / 247Sports 80-89) / (5.1 = Potential Starter / 5.4 = Probable Starter.) 

*4.5 – 5.0 – Sleeper Prospect at Primary Position – (Composite Ranking 4.9 Rivals / ESPN.com No-Stars – Below 60 / 247Sports 79-Below) / (4.5 = Quality Backup / 5.0 = Late Starter.)

*Elijah’s MFE-Index Level of Play Rating = 6.0 – Probable Starter at Primary Position!

*4 FBS Offers to Date with more to come for Elijah: Check out the list at 247 sports HERE!

Why are you a college student-athlete prospect? I am a hard worker in the classroom and on field.
Spring Game 2018

Skill Set Breakdown

WR Profile Evaluation relating to level of play through the lens of a College Coach:


Physical Measurables:                           Key Stats:

  • Height: 6’2″ – 6’5” 40yd: 4.5 or better on Beam!
  • Weight: 190 lbs. – 210lbs. Bench: 235 lbs. – 250lbs     Squat: 315 lbs. – 335lbs+

Coach Keys: *Physical Impact– Must be an elite athlete, presenting a constant threat to the Defense 100% of the time /  *Versatile Efficiency– Displays the ability to come off the L.O.S. with an instant release, low pad level and zero to little wasted movement / *Ability in Space– Displays an initial burst stemming the DB with great level change of hips, speed changes, hand control and escape strikes vs. DB as well great ball skills and hand strength with a willingness to block / *Demonstrates High Level Ability – Multi-year starter, All State & National recognition from recruiting media and Premier National Camp & Combine presence helpful

*Phase 1 – Physical Profile: (Verified #’s for all athletes to get an accurate evaluation of core strength and explosive speed)

Position Specific Key Stats – (We will update Elijah’s numbers with 2018 National combine verified numbers!). 2017 Rivals numbers available by CLICKING HERE NOW!

40-yard dash: A measure of off-the-mark quickness and transition to top speed.

Vertical jump: Your vertical jump height and body weight are factored together to assess your peak power.

5-10-5 shuttle (also known as the 20-yard shuttle run): a drill demanding split second changes of posture, direction, and speed.

Kneeling powerball toss: a test designed to measure the ability to develop and deliver coordinated power.

A player’s results in those four exercises, when normalized by weight, gives a number that measures the player’s power, agility, speed, explosiveness, and overall athleticism.

*40 – Yard(Measurement of Athlete’s Linear Speed) – 

*Pro Shuttle – 5-10-5(Measurement of Athletes Change of Direction and Level Change of Hips) – 

*L-Drill(Measurement run to evaluate the agility, quickness and fluidity of movement) –  

*Vertical Jump(Measurement of Athletes Explosive Quad Strength) – 

*Broad Jump(Measurement of Athletes Explosive Hip Strength) – 

*Bench Press


*Power Clean


*Phase 2 – Competition Phase – (Completed for all athletes to get an accurate evaluation of effort, competitive edge and Level of Play.)

*Athletes Competitive edge: Elijah presents great length, he is athletic, brings a great catch radius and great ball skills to the WR position. He is a very tough match up for Defenses as he will win the 1 on 1’s with a CB. He demonstrates the willingness to be a compete WR. He will catch the ball over the middle, run the vertical, the quick game and is very physical blocking in the run game. Elite level player and with a great Spring & Summer can be a Power-5 recruit!

*Football IQ: Elijah demonstrates a high Football IQ. He looks comfortable at WR & confident in his ability to create for the offense. He can move the sticks on 3rd down with his size in the Slot and can create explosive plays when given the opportunity. He demonstrates the ability to hunt grass and sit in a window and with his balls skills and catch radius, QB will love him! 

*LOP – (Level of Play): We have developed a LOP (Level of Play high rating State-by State as a guide for our MFE Evaluators.) / (resource – MaxPreps, ESPN, SBNation) 

MaxPreps Xcellent 25 – Elijah is competing at the #36 Ranked State: 

36. Kentucky
No. 33 pro | No. 34 college | No. 27 high school: The Bluegrass State has two DI teams and two pro Hall of Famers.

WR Performance Evaluation Skill Set Breakdown

Position Specific Evaluation Criteria:

4 – levels of Rating:

1 – Elite Level – Video demonstration of the athlete performing the skill at an elite level.

2 – High Level – Video demonstration of athlete performing the skill / fundamental at a high level.

3 – Adequate Level –  Video demonstration of athlete performing the skill / fundamental at a functional level needing work but adequate.

4 – Developmental Level – Video demonstration of athletes performing the skill / fundamental at a developmental level needing work.

Individual Position Specific 6-Point Evaluation: (we will use the 4 levels of skill rating for each of the position specific skill sets.)


* Initial Quicks & Linear Speed

Elijah displays High Level quickness and athleticism, High Level acceleration, High Level sprint mechanics, High Level top end speed, and High Level ability to accelerate. 

* Burst and Acceleration

Elijah displays Elite Level functional display of core strength, High Level functional display of explosive speed, High Level displays of first step off the ball, High Level linear burst, Elite Level stem of the route, Elite Level stack of DB, and High Level level change of hips on breaks.

* Hands & Body Control & Adjustments to Ball

Elijah displays Elite Level catch radius with strong hands extending away from body outside of his frame to make catch, Elite Level to track the ball well, Elite Level competing and adjusting to the challenge of a contested ball in traffic, Elite Level to flash hands and snatch the ball! 

*Release Coverage Recognition

Elijah displays High Level ability to stem route, High Level ability to leverage stack defenders and create separation, High Level ability setting up the top of his stem with a stick, High Level ability to change speed and break, and High Level ability to create separation. 

*Run after Catch

Elijah displays Elite Level ability to play quick from catch to tuck with an aggressive pushing the ball up the field, High Level lateral movement, Elite Level style through traffic, and High Level in making 1st man miss. 

* Physical – Aggressive Play & Block Desire

Elijah displays Elite Level willingness to participate and engage in the run game as a perimeter blocker, Elite Level  ability to strike with hands, Elite Level  ability to play with a good base, Elite Level ability to sustain and shield defender through the echo of the whistle. 

* Versatility

Elijah displays Elite Level to play at the bottom of the numbers, High Level to play in the slot, Elite Level to play as a hybrid slot, motion, at the numbers receiver.  

Summary of 30 Skill set Criteria of a College WR – Elijah scores at Elite of High Level’s 100% of the time!

*Strengths include – Size, Ball skills and catch radius, instincts and the ability to hunt grass for open window. 

*Criteria of developmental focus – Elite Level- looking for a “Sudden” Twitchy” movement when sitting hips on breaks. Would like to see work on hands getting off the jam and continue to work on route stem and stacking of the DB. 

*Moving Forward – Elijah is a Fantastic, big, athletic WR. Polishing of the route tree with continued work spent on sharp breaks creating separation demonstrating the ability to snap the head and flash hands to the tuck and up field after catch. Exposure at camps to showcase athletic ability against top DB recruits important to move to a Power-5 recruit.