Jaden Gonzalez @jaden_5150

College Positon Projection - LB

Melbourne Central Catholic High School

Melbourne, Florida

Player Key Physical Stats

2019 Jaden Gonzalez @jaden_5150

Recommended Level of Play: FCS D1AA - Scholarship Athlete - Exposure and a presence at camps this Summer for College coaches to see in person! Very Good recruit!

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 225

40 Yard Dash: 4.79

5-10-5 Dash: 4.3 / L-Drill 6.77 at Main Event Combine

Vertical Jump: 32

Bench: 320 - 225 x 12

Squat: 505

Power Clean: 280

Evaluation Summary

my football evaluation

The MFE-index rating – is an exclusive evaluation using the metrics of individual profile, athletic ability, fundamental display of position mastery and level of play!  

Level of Play Evaluation Scale: Evaluation of a High School Football player as it relates to Projected Level of Play, Impact at the College Level, Projected College Starter and Post College Projection.

*Resources include 247 Sports, Rivals, ESPN.com level of play rating criteria combined with the MFE-Index +  *100+ years of College coaching and recruiting experience. 

Division 1AA – FCS HS Prospects – (3.5 – 4.4)

*3.5 – 4.4 – (LOP Rating – 4.4 = FCS Impact Player – Early Starter / LOP Rating 4.0 = FCS Late Starter – Solid Contributor / LOP Rating – 3.5 = Role player – FCS Backup Player – Late Developer)   

*Jaden’s MFE-Index Level of Play Rating = 4.0 FCS 2nd-3rd YR Starter – Solid Contributor
Why are you a college student-athlete prospect? I am a great student who works hard and i love the game of football I am a student of the game and feel that my intelligence is my best asset I have always had fo work to get where I am at and I am driven ro be one of the best despite any obstacles I just want an opportunity to prove I can play at the highest level possible: 2017 - 101 Tackles - 2.5 Sacks - 13.5 TFL's

Skill Set Breakdown

LB Profile Evaluation relating to level of play through the lens of a College Coach:

Jaden demonstrates the ability to play with an edge. He is physical, active and athletic. His excellent instincts and Football IQ and awareness are impressive and he is very strong and explosive.


Physical Measurables:                   Key Stats:

  • Height: 5’11” – 6’2” 40yd: 4.65 on Beam!
  • Weight: 220 lbs. – 225lbs. Bench: 300 – 315 lbs.           Squat: 425 lbs. – 435lbs

Coach Keys: * Physical Impact – Displays the skill set of a FBS LB just not as consistent and profile is not total package either size or weight or speed differ by small amounts.  Displays very good ability to take over a game physically.  Very good disrupter all over the field.  Physically is very good factor knocking blockers and ball-carriers on the ground and backwards. Very good instincts with a very good nose for the ball. Strong and explosive to play at LOS, athletic as a skill player to play in space.  / *Versatile Efficiency – Displays very good loose hips and very good knee bend playing under pads exploding on contact. / *Effort & Motor – Very good match up with RB, TE, Slot and can run with all. Very good understanding of pursuit angles with very good closing speed in space, level changing hips on target and accelerating feet. / *Demonstrates High Level Ability – Multi-year starter, All District with some National recognition from recruiting media. 


*Phase 1 – Physical Profile: (Verified #’s for all athletes to get an accurate evaluation of core strength and explosive speed)

Position Specific Key StatsJaden’s Nike SPARQ Rating – 86.79

Nike SPARQ – SPARQ’ is an acronym it stands for: Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction and Quickness.

40-yard dash: A measure of off-the-mark quickness and transition to top speed.

Vertical jump: Your vertical jump height and body weight are factored together to assess your peak power.

5-10-5 shuttle (also known as the 20-yard shuttle run): a drill demanding split second changes of posture, direction, and speed.

Kneeling powerball toss: a test designed to measure the ability to develop and deliver coordinated power.

A player’s results in those four exercises, when normalized by weight, gives a number that measures the player’s power, agility, speed, explosiveness, and overall athleticism.

*40 – Yard(Measurement of Athlete’s Linear Speed) – 4.79

*Pro Shuttle – 5-10-5(Measurement of Athletes Change of Direction and Level Change of Hips) – 4.3

*L-Drill(Measurement run to evaluate the agility, quickness and fluidity of movement) – 6.77 “Main Event Combine”

*Vertical Jump(Measurement of Athletes Explosive Quad Strength) – 32

*Broad Jump(Measurement of Athletes Explosive Hip Strength) – 118″

*Bench Press –320 – 225 x 12

*Squat – 505

*Power Clean – 280

*Powerball – 36

*Phase 2 – Competition Phase – (Completed for all athletes to get an accurate evaluation of effort, competitive edge and Level of Play.)

*Athletes Competitive edge: Jaden is instinctive, he fits windows, is leveraged on contact and displays an ability to be effective in the box at MLB. His athletic ability and Football speed demonstrate very effective closing speed in space and on the edge. He has a nose for the ball and his effort keeps him around the ball competing to the echo of the whistle.

*Football IQ: Jaden demonstrates a high Football IQ. He looks comfortable at MLB & on the edge. He demonstrates instincts and awareness of both receivers in the shallow hole and offensive pressure on the perimeter. He will be effective at the College level. 

*LOP – (Level of Play): We have developed a LOP (Level of Play high rating State-by State as a guide for our MFE Evaluators.) / (resource – MaxPreps, ESPN, SBNation) 

MaxPreps Xcellent 25 – Jaden is competing at the #3 Ranked State: 

3. Florida
No. 3 pro | No. 2 college | No. 3 high school: The Sunshine State has seven DI teams, six Heismans, eight national titles, three Super Bowl wins and seven pro Hall of Famers.

LB Performance Evaluation Skill Set Breakdown

Position Specific Evaluation Criteria:

4 – levels of Rating:

1 – Elite Level – Video demonstration of the athlete performing the skill at an elite level.

2 – High Level – Video demonstration of athlete performing the skill / fundamental at a high level.

3 – Adequate Level –  Video demonstration of athlete performing the skill / fundamental at a functional level needing work but adequate.

4 – Developmental Level – Video demonstration of athletes performing the skill / fundamental at a developmental level needing work.

Individual Position Specific 6-Point Evaluation: (we will use the 4 levels of skill rating for each of the position specific skill sets.)


*Size / Explosive Strength / Functional Speed

Jaden presents an Adequate Level physical profile, High Level strong at the point of attack, Adequate Level display linear speed and High Level natural instincts, High Level display of change of direction skills, High Level hip flexibility, High Level knee bend allowing change direction smoothly. Jaden runs well in the open field, and displays High Level closing speed.

*Football IQ and ability to read Key:

Jaden demonstrates High Level instincts and read ability, High Level football vision, High Level ability to see flow and surface movement, and High Level point of attack speed. 

*Defending Inside Run Schemes:

Jaden exhibits High Level instincts between the tackles, High Level taking on blockers, High Level  maneuverability through tight quarters, and displays High Level physicality in the box.

*Defending Outside Run Schemes:

Jaden displays High Level anticipation on the ball carrier, Adequate Level ability to open hips and run, High Level angles working downhill to the ball carrier, High Level track & scrape technique of ball carrier, and High Level ability to redirect and fit the ball carrier.

*Defending the Shallow Hole – Hook – Curl:

Jaden demonstrates a High Level ability to flip hips for depth, High Level anticipating QB throws, High Level displays of fluid hips to turn and run to landmark, High Level work to get his hands up to disrupt passing lanes up the seam.

*Physicality & Aggressive Play:

Jaden presents High Level  fundamentals tackling, High Level driving feet through the ball carrier, High Level bringing his hips to finis, High Level block protection skills, Elite Level transition to a low hitting position, and High Level quick hands to get off blocks.

*Every Down Player at Next Level:

Jaden demonstrates High Level blitz potential, High Level instincts, Adequate Level 3rd down capability in the box, Adequate Level 3rd down capability in space, Adequate Level man to man skill.

Summary of 37 Skill set Criteria of a College LB – Jaden scores at High Level or greater 76% of the time!

*Strengths include – physicality, awareness, instincts, explosiveness.

*Criteria of developmental focus – Keys & Eyes-avoiding hop and false steps, continued focus on body composition at 225 and stout frame, hip flexibility and knee bend critical. Continous explosive close on ball carrier, very good at times, will be a strength and needs to eliminate any doubt of being the most physical player on the field.

*Moving Forward – Jaden is a Football player!  He will be a very good College MLB, exposure this Summer very important. he will bring a hard working, physical aggressive, edgy leadership to a College Defense!