Parker Allen @Mylie10Allen

Free Safety

Clayton Valley Charter High School


Player Key Physical Stats

2019 Parker Allen @Mylie10Allen

Recommended Level of Play: Early Projection as a FCS - Non-Scholarship Pioneer League / D2 Scholarship athlete - Parker demonstrates great range, ball skills as well as the ability to play on the hash, in the MOF & down in the box. Good player. Exposure will be important this Spring & Summer for college coaches to see skill set in person.

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 180

40 Yard Dash: 4.43

Evaluation Summary

*my football evaluationThe MFE-index rating – is an exclusive evaluation using the metrics of individual profile, athletic ability, fundamental display of position mastery and level of play!  

3-Star Evaluation Scale: Evaluation of a High School Football player as it relates to Projected Level of Play, Impact at the College Level, Projected College Starter and Post College Projection.

Division 1AA – FCS HS Prospects – (3.5 – 4.4)

*3.5 – 4.4 – (Star Rating – 4.4 = FCS Impact Player – Early Starter / Star Rating 4.0 = FCS Late Starter – Solid Contributor / Star Rating – 3.5 = Role player – FCS Backup Player – Late Developer)   

Division 2 – HS Prospects – (3.1 – 3.4)

*3.1 – 3.4 – (Star Rating – 3.4 = D2 Impact Player – Early Starter / Star Rating 3.1 = D2 Late Starter – Solid Contributor / Star Rating – Below 3.1 = Role player – D2  Backup Player – Late Developer)   

*Parker’s MFE-Index Star Rating = 3.4 – 4.0 = FCS Late Starter – Solid Contributor D2 Impact Player – Early Starter 

Free Safety Profile Evaluation relating to level of play through the lens of a College Coach:

Parker demonstrates great range, ball skills as well as the ability to play on the hash, in the MOF & down in the box. Good player. Exposure will be important this Spring & Summer for college coaches to see skill set in person.

D2 Scholarship Free Safety

Physical Measurables:                       Key Stats:

  • Height: 5’10” – 6’1” 40yd: 4.6 – 4.65
  • Weight: 180 lbs. – 190lbs. Bench: 250 lbs. – 275lbs                  Squat: 335 – 365 lbs.

Coach Keys: * Physical Impact – Must be tough, physical, aggressive, twitchy & fearless full of confidence and a fierce competitor *Versatile Efficiency – Displays the ability to play multiple zone coverages with high Football IQ as well as good man coverage from multiple points of departure by WR. *Ability in Space – Displays the ability to fly to the alley or force the edge in run support and is fearless when attached to the box. / *Demonstrates High Level Ability – Multi-year starter, All Conference player.

Why are you a college student-athlete prospect? Parker is a tremendous athlete and has been playing the game for 10 years straight. He has a high football IQ. His dream is to go to college to play football and get a college degree.

MFE-Index 3-Star Rating - Phase 1 - Physical Profile

Position Specific Key Stats – FS: (Will post when available)

*40 – Yard – (Measurement of Athlete’s Linear Speed) – (N/A)

*Pro Shuttle – 5-10-5 – (Measurement of Athletes Change of Direction and Level Change of Hips) – (N/A)

*Vertical Jump – (Measurement of Athletes Explosive Quad Strength) – (N/A)

*Broad Jump – (Measurement of Athletes Explosive Hip Strength) – (N/A)

*Bench Press – (N/A)

*Squat – (N/A)

*Power Clean – (N/A)

MFE-Index 3-Star Rating - Phase 2 - Competition Phase

*Athletes Competitive edge: Parker demonstrates the ability to compete at a high level. At the safety position Parker displays the ability to cover large areas of field in both the run game as well as in zone drops. He competes to the echo of the whistle. Video demonstration of Parker’s effort and hustle to run down plays preventing scores.   

*Football IQ: Parker’s ability to adjust from the FS to SS, play in space and in the box demonstrate his ability to identify PG’s and formations and adjusting the secondary and LB’s to alignments and coverages. Definite high football IQ presented.   

*LOP – (Level of Play): Clayton Valley Charter High School competes at a high Level the State of California.  

Top 5 Attributes College Coaches Look for In a Defensive Back.

Although college football coaches have different recruiting requirements, when selecting defensive backs, they all commonly look for a few key attributes. “How Parker Stacks up in the eyes of a College Coach”


*Parker presents good speed. He plays the game fast and has a quick fast twitch to fitting the run and instincts in zone drops. To be a DB in college, you’ve got to have speed for coverage. Coaches want athletes who can keep up with or outrun fast wide receivers. Most of the time, DBs do not run straight ahead, so their speed is measured through backpedals, shuffles and quick breaks on routes. 


*Parkers’ instincts directing a play and his ability to close space on the WR / Ball carrier are impressive. He presents the ability to react and explode through a ball carrier while not the biggest player on the field. Some athletes take awhile to get moving, while others get up to full speed in a hurry. An explosive first step is vital for a defensive back. You must be able to move in and pick off cuts as fast as possible. Explosiveness in a DB is the difference between an interception and a tackle for a five-yard gain.


*Parker’s play presents as one of the most athletic players on the field. Evidence in running down RB’s, WR’s in open. space.  Many claim the DB is the most athletic position on the field; and as a former D player and coach myself, I have to agree. You must perform the unnatural motion of backpedaling, not knowing where your opponent will go. A lot goes into evaluating the athleticism of DB prospects. Although speed, proper footwork and explosiveness are crucial elements.

  • Ball Skills. Parker’s demonstrates impressive instincts and ball skills covering the needed 18 yards, 9 yards either way with the ball in the air over 12 yards. When a potential interception is not made, you often hear, “that’s why he’s a defensive back and not a wide receiver.” This may or may not be true about a player – “Definitely not Parker”, but coaches do want DBs who can catch and make plays. DBs who knock the ball down help stop drives and change games by creating turnovers. *Parker is this type of impact big play Safety.
  • Flexibility. *Parker presents very level change of hips and the ability to match the skillset of a WR & RB in space. Vital skill set for a college DB. Here, I’m mostly referring to a DB’s hips, which allow him to backpedal, then flip and run with a receiver or flip and break downhill on a route the receiver breaks off. Coaches want to observe how fluid an athlete is.


*Parker displays confidence on the field as well as the ability to communicate to his team.  DBs need to be intelligent on the field. When they play smart, it’s special. Coaches want to feel confident that their DBs understand all the coverage checks and adjustments that need to be made before the snap, and that they are able to make split-second changes while running at full speed.


*Parker displays a physical style and is a good fundamental tackler displaying good profile tackling in the box as well as angle tackling chasing down a play and good save a TD tackle as evident on video. Coaches love physical DBs. In high school, DBs are not expected to play a huge role defending the running game, but that changes dramatically in college. DBs are important in most defensive schemes, being gap sound and stopping the run. A high school DB who plays physical gives himself a huge advantage in recruiting.


SAFETIES – no longer is there a big difference in skill set between FS & SS in that both must be able to cover the deep half of the field, cover TE’s down the seam and defend the run in the box.

*TE’s have become a bigger and bigger factor in the passing game, are more athletic, both the FS & SS MUST have the skill set, size and physicality to cover the TE as well as provide valuable run support in the box vs. a low hat TE.

*FS’s and SS’s can be interchangeable:

*FREE SAFETIES –  Profile of a more athletic athlete with a greater range to defend the middle of the field!

*STRONG SAFETIES – Profile of a more physical athlete to match the TE defending the Run!

*Physical profile numbers of a FCS – D2 Safety:

Physical Measurables:                       Key Stats:

  • Height: 5’10” – 6’1” 40yd: 4.6 – 4.65
  • Weight: 180 lbs. – 190lbs. Bench: 250 lbs. – 275lbs                  Squat: 335 – 365 lbs.

*Physical profile numbers of a FBS – NFL Safety:

HT–  6’1″  WTFS206lbs / SS212lbs

*40 timeFS- 4.58 secs. / SS4.64 secs.

*10 yard split time 1.55 secs

*Upper Body Strength – Bench Press18 reps x 225 

*Lower body explosiveness – Vertical Jump36 inches

*Broad Jump10 feet 

*COD/Flexibility/Burst/Balance – 5/10/5 shuttle4.05 secs

*Flexibility/Balance/Endurance – 60yd shuttle11.2 secs

*Agility/Body Control/COD – 3 cone7.10 secs 

*ARM = 31 1/2 / HAND= 9 1/4

Specific DB Testing Drills:

*BACKPEDAL DRILL = 15 yds (shoulder over knees) = 2.7-2.8 secs.

*BACKPEDAL-RECOVERY DRILL = (10 yd BP, then 10 yd forward sprint) = 3.86-4.00 secs.

*BACKPEDAL & SPRINT DRILL = (10 yd Bp, then turn & sprint 20 yds) = Visual look at hip turn and burst to close 9 yards either direction on ball thrown over 15 yards!

Safety Critical Factors:

Important Qualities & Characteristics of a Safety:



*Make coverage calls / QB of the secondary / ATF to Formations and motions/shifts /  Complete understanding of Run Fits & Who is covering each zone or who is responsible for each eligible receiver!

*High Quality FS must read *QB’s eyes / * upfield shoulder & hand!

*Quick anticipation & diagnose of Run / Pass / Play-Action / RPO / etc. are essential to FS intangibles!

*Skill set must include the ability sink into 1/2 coverage / adjust to vertical receivers down the hash / cover turf with ball in air displaying GREAT ball skills! 


*Great physical run defender / Athletic enough to cover a TE or Slot WR!  Instinctive & physical to defend the box and communicate with LB setting edge or defending the cutback! 

1. ATHLETIC ABILITY— *Parker displays very good initial quickness in pedal, quick feet, hip flexibility, ability to turn, acceleration short & deep, ability to run with receivers in short to deep coverage, closing on man after he makes final move both short & deep.
2. STRENGTH/EXPLOSION— *Parker presents a toughness, effectiveness in run support,, physical tackler, ability to play through blocks,
3. PLAYING SPEED*Parker presents excellent ability to cover distance covered after ball is in air, pursuit ability in run support,
4. RANGE— *Parker demonstrates impressive ability to cover space with ball in air,
5. BACK PEDAL*Parker displays smoothness, quickness, explosion, balance, staying low,
6. COBP*Parker demonstrates very good burst coming out of his pedal,
7. COMPETITIVENESS— CLUTCH*Parker’s competitiveness pours out on film in both the run game, saving a TD and breaking on a ball giving up of his body to make a play!  He demonstrates a win at all costs, desire to be best, plays with confidence & aggression, wants game on line pressure, WORK ETHIC— committed to being best on & off field. PRODUCTION—grade film effectiveness,
8. SIZE*Parker is not the biggest Safety, however, he plays big and looks the part. Coaches need to see his skill set in person.


(1) KEY & DIAGNOSE— *Very Good – recognition, ball reactions—how he plays the ball as it get close to him in flight – Very Good!, discipline/awareness in zone coverage Very Good!,, ability to read/recognize combo routes Very Good!, locate ball on misdirections Very Good!,.
(2) COVERAGE CALLSVery Good!, ability to recognize formations and adjustments quickly and then quickly and effectively communicate those to defensive mates.
(3) RUN SUPPORT—END RUN & INTERIOR RUN— Very Good!, ability to play off blockers, toughness/effectiveness as a hitter & tackler, speed/pursuit ability. Can he squeeze lane.
(4) TACKLINGVery Good!, hard tackler, Excellent open field ability, Excellent  leverage/explosion,
(5) MAN TO MAN COVER ABILITYGood back pedal, feet, Good hip & body turn, Good ability to accelerate short & deep, Good ability to run with receivers.
(6) JAM/COVER TE—physical strength to control at los – (N/A) Size not suited to match up vs. TE
(7) ZONE COVER ABILITYExcellent adjustments to zone, Excellent  discipline & awareness in zone, range, Excellent  closing quickness, Need to see more – man cover principles within zone, Need to see more  how much cushion does he have to play with.
(8) BALL SKILLSExcellent ability to track the ball in flight, Excellent timing of jumps, Excellent play the ball at high point,
(9) HANDSExcellent soft hands or hard, body catch/trapped balls or Excellent catch out of frame, Excellent eye/hand coordination, Excellent concentration,
(10) CLOSEExcellent closing on man after he makes his final move—both short and deep.


*(Evaluation of Parker’s video with our MFE exclusive index rating system!)

My Football Evaluation

*Athlete will be evaluated on our MFE-index: 


*Each area below will be given a Rating based on the following criteria:

*(3) – Ability to Master Skill  / (2) – Chance to Master Skill  / (1) Developing and work needed to Master Skill / not enough video!

*(I) = Skill Set Improving – working to master skill set to transfer to college level!

*(S) = Skill Set staying the Same – not showing the needed skill set at this time to master at the college level! 

*(R) = Skill set is Regressing or not there for athlete – needs tremendous work to be a college athlete at primary position! 


*Example of rating for each criteria – Read & Instincts = 3 – I = Athlete demonstrates the Mastery of skill and is improving on the detail of the skill to transfer to the college game!




*(3 – I) – very active and confident on video!


*(3 – I) – Feet are hot – Demonstrates the ability to win in space!

3. BUMP:

*(2 – I) – Need to see additional video!


*(3 – I) – Good in this area – Safety ability presented covering deep alley as well as to the bottom of the #’s in a CV concept!

5. TURN:

* (3 – I) – Excellent ability to turn, react and go!

6. COBP:

* (3 – I) – *comes out of pack pedal very well! Level change of hips is important to improve!


* (3 – I) – Closes distance to ball carrier or WR exceptionally well!


* (3 – I) – Very good range demonstrating the ability to cover Middle of Field and to the #’s!


* (3 – I) – Good down hill burst & effective!


* (3 – I) – High energy player, playing to the echo of the whistle – Great effort player


* (3 – I) Tracks ball well – high points ball well!


* (2 – I) – skill set is present – polishing of techniques – step-back man – using arm to punch shoulder – need to see additional video!


* (3 – I) – Versatile skill set – Safety display defending a variety of zones both deep and shallow areas!


* (3 – I) – Physical forcing the run – good player at Safety setting edge & in the alley & in cutback!


* (2 – I) Need additional video vs. WR / TE!


* (3 – I) – Physical – fundamental tackler – seeing what he hits – displays the ability to level change hips as he closes on target!

17. BLITZ:

* (2 – I) – Need to see video with Blitz calls either from Safety!

My Football Evaluation*The MFE-index rating – is an exclusive evaluation using the metrics of individual profile, athletic ability, fundamental display of position mastery and level of play!  

*Evaluation Summary – Level of Play recommendation –  Parker Displays presents a very good athletic skill set. He is instinctive, displays very good ball skills and demonstrates the ability to cover the 18 yards in-between the hashes at the HS level. College Level FS will need to cover the 13 yards in-between the hashes and get to seam. Parker demonstrates the ability to get that done at a high level. He presents good speed and the all important ability to chase down the break away and prevent the score. His awareness and savy are college FS material. Good player.