Ryan Duffy @theduffman75

College Position Projection - Guard / Center

Olentangy Orange HS


Player Key Physical Stats

2019 Ryan Duffy @theduffman75

Recommended Level of Play: College Level of Play Projection and Summary: FCS Scholarship Athlete - FBS Mid-Major is possibility with great exposure at camp for OL coach to see. Ryan demonstrates the ability to match pad level of the DL, he displays very good hip flexibility maintaining a very good base and demonstrates the ability to stay connected to 1st level defender. Polishing of 2nd level climbs to LB needed as college LB's will run in a fast flow and cut-off will need to be identified. Ryan demonstrates a very good quick set in pass protection, is well coached with a post foot and used hands well. Deep set vs speed rush will prove more difficult, hence Guard at College level as projection. Good player, playing at high level and well coached. Good recruit. Very good student with grades as qualifier will lead to exposure with no road blocks.

Height: 6'3

Weight: 300

Evaluation Summary

my football evaluationThe MFE-index rating – is an exclusive evaluation using the metrics of individual profile, athletic ability, fundamental display of position mastery and level of play!  

3-Star Evaluation Scale: Evaluation of a High School Football player as it relates to Projected Level of Play, Impact at the College Level, Projected College Starter and Post College Projection.

*(Resources including 247 Sports, Rivals, ESPN.com Star rating criteria combines with the MFE-Index)

Division 1 – FBS HS Prospects – (4.5 – 7.0) / Division 1AA – FCS HS Prospects – (3.5 – 4.4) / 

Division 2 – HS Prospects – (3.1 – 3.4) / NAIA – HS Prospects – (2.6 – 3.0) / D3 – HS Prospects – (2.0 – 2.5)

*Ryan’s MFE-Index Star Rating = 4.0 = FCS 2nd-3rd YR Starter – Solid Contributor



Why are you a college student-athlete prospect? I see myself as a very good teammate. I enjoy being around my teammates and all the moments we share. Every time I get on the field, all I focus on is doing my best to make a play for my team, because I know it's something I'm very capable of. Ever since high school started, I've learned more about football than ever before, and I now know that this is something that I want to take very seriously. I want to go as far as I can in this sport, and so I've been working hard on getting better at my craft and in the classroom, and I feel like when the time comes, I'll be more than ready to play in college. I believe I have what it takes to compete at the next level.

Skill Set Breakdown

OL Profile Evaluation relating to level of play through the lens of a College Coach:

Ryan is a very good OL player. He demonstrates very good feet, hand placement and competes to win the leverage battle. Good recruit!

FCS Offensive Line

Physical Measurables:                       Key Stats:

  • Height: 6’3″ – 6’5” 40yd: 5.2 on Beam!
  • Weight: 275 lbs. – 300lbs. Bench: 300 lbs. – 315lbs     Squat: 425 lbs. – 450lbs

Coach Keys: *Physical Impact– Display the consistent dominance at the Point of Attack on the LOS. Coaches believe a year to develop possible a redshirt year, however skill set is present to play at high level. Displays the ability to establish a new LOS with movement on defender. / *Versatile Efficiency– Displays very good balance.  Displays very good pad level and leverage with very good knee bend! Displays a very good wide base most of the time. Displays the ability to pass set with a very good kick set and slide and can mirror the DL with ease with very good feet. Long arms for punch and lock out or long frame to develop / *Ability in Space– Displays the ability to get to 2ndlevel and win in space with level change of hips and accelerating of feet most of the time / *Demonstrates High Level Ability – Multi-year starter, All Conference & All-District player with some National exposure.

*Phase 1 – Physical Profile: (Verified #’s for all athletes to get an accurate evaluation of core strength and explosive speed)

Position Specific Key Stats(Will update as Ryan’s number become verified)

*40 – Yard(Measurement of Athlete’s Linear Speed) –

*Pro Shuttle – 5-10-5(Measurement of Athletes Change of Direction and Level Change of Hips) –

*L-Drill(Measurement run to evaluate the agility, quickness and fluidity of movement) – 

*Vertical Jump(Measurement of Athletes Explosive Quad Strength) –

*Broad Jump(Measurement of Athletes Explosive Hip Strength) –

*Bench Press


*Power Clean

*Phase 2 – Competition Phase – (Completed for all athletes to get an accurate evaluation of effort, competitive edge and Level of Play.)

*Athletes Competitive edge: Ryan demonstrates the ability to compete to the echo of the whistle. His video demonstration of finishing plays at 1st level is impressive winning the one on one’s & being the more aggressive player.  

*Football IQ: Ryan demonstrates clearly he has the Football Intelligence to be effective at the College level. 

*LOP – (Level of Play): We have developed a LOP (Level of Play high rating State-by State as a guide for our MFE Evaluators.) / (resource – MaxPreps, ESPN, SBNation) – according to MaxPreps Xcellent 25 – Ryan is competing at the #5 Ranked State – 5. Ohio
No. 5 pro | No. 4 college | No. 5 high school: The Buckeye State has eight DI teams, seven Heismans, seven national titles, nine NFL titles and 21 pro Hall of Famers.

OL Performance Evaluation Skill Set Breakdown

4 – levels of Rating:

1 – Elite Level – Video demonstration of the athlete performing the skill at an elite level.

2 – High Level – Video demonstration of athlete performing the skill / fundamental at a high level.

3 – Adequate Level –  Video demonstration of athlete performing the skill / fundamental at a functional level needing work but adequate.

4 – Developmental Level – Video demonstration of athletes performing the skill / fundamental at a developmental level needing work.

Ryan Duffy Performance Evaluation:

*Base – Leverage – Feet – Hip Flexibility:

Ryan demonstrates High Level proportioned frame, High Level base with the ability to redirect and stay on balance, High Level physicality at the point of attack, High Level hip flexibility, High Level knee bend, High Level pad level, Adequate Level  explosive ability to generate power at the point of attack. (Ryan demonstrates the ability to bend for leverage and maintain a good wide base. He is strong at the point of attack and finishes!)

*Explosive at Point of Attack

Ryan demonstrates Adequate Level & functional display of strength, Adequate Level & functional display of speed, Adequate Level to generate maximum power at the point of attack, Adequate Level establishing a solid inline power base, High Level effort to play with leverage, High Level  ability to deliver a strike.

* Run Block / Hand Use 

Ryan demonstrates High Level as a tough, physical run blocker, High Level use of hand placement, High Level identifying the leverage of the DL, High Level working to stay on balance and cover up defender, High Level  demonstrating continued bend and a balance, Adequate Level of feet quickness and power, Adequate Level angles at point of attack, Adequate Level fits with violent hands. 

*Ability to climb 2nd level

Ryan demonstrates Adequate Level to take sound angles to second level defenders, Adequate Level to cut off the angel of the defender, Adequate Level change of hips in space when closing on target, Adequate Level accelerating feet enabling movement and redirect in space, and Adequate Level ability to come to balance in space.   

*Quick Set vs Power Rush – Deep Set vs Speed Rush

Ryan  demonstrates High Level ability to quick set vs DL pash rush, Adequate Level ability to deep kick set vs the speed rush, High Level locking and loading of hands shooting only when the defender shoots hands, High Level ability to absorb a power rush, and High Level display of a solid post foot. 

* Physicality, Toughness and Effort 

Ryan demonstrates High Level aggressive mentality willing to do battle in the phone booth, High Level engagement with 1st level defenders finishing to echo of whistle, and High Level effort to 2nd level  defenders competing to the echo of the whistle.