Ryan Maloney – Interview

Player Key Physical Stats

Ryan Maloney – Interview

Upcoming visits / Previous visits – Lafayette College (visited) / Harvard University (visited) / Bentley University (visited)

Recommended Level of Play: FCS Scholarship Athlete – Ryan will attract attention and move to the watch list of many programs with his effort, athletic play and edgy, twitchy play – Great Get-off, relentless to the ball. Ryan demonstrates great instincts, a high level edge pass rush, violent hands and a disruptive style of play! Very good player!

Q1What areas have You improved over the off-seasonMy quickness and defensive pass rush moves.

Q2 – How are Summer workouts going?They are going great. I am improving in all aspects in the weight room. My bench, power clean and squat have all improved since the start of summer.

Q3 – How does your team look for 2018? We look pretty good but hopefully we can go undefeated instead of 9-1.

Q4 – Which schools are showing recruiting interest in You? The schools that are showing interest are Lafayette College, Harvard University, Yale University, and Lehigh University.

Q5 – Personal goals for 2018 season? The personal goals I have for the 2018 season are to win a league championship and conquer the goals I have set for myself!

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