Suddin Sapien @SuddinSapien


Midland High School


Player Key Physical Stats

2019 Suddin Sapien @SuddinSapien

Recommended Level of Play: D1 Mid Major - with a great off-season and exposure stock will rise to bigger D1 programs.

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 225

40 Yard Dash: 4.7

5-10-5 Dash: 4.2

Evaluation Summary

my football evaluation*Evaluation Summary – Level of Play recommendation –  Displays good physical size at 6’4″ 220 pounds. Display of athletic ability shows up with ability to extend plays, good instincts and command of the offense. Athletic ability and hard work are present on film.  Physical ability to run a spread offense with intangibles of putting pressure on edge of Defense. “It” factor creating plays displayed with vision and command of offense creating positive impact for coaches and team members.

MFE-index rating – 5.0 of 6.0 – D1 Scholarship Athlete – Size and athletic ability skill set transfer at this point best to D1 mid major.  Will demand high level of interest from top D1AA  programs.   Note – QB training, ie – mechanics, delivery, transfer of weight as well as continued development on progressions with great decisions can open doors to additional program as well as exposure the next 4 months leading up to camp season. Attending the correct camps where Coaches can see skill set and have Suddin on board are important – Graham Harrell camp – ODU with Ron Whitcomb are examples. 

my football evaluation*The MFE-index rating – is an exclusive evaluation using the metrics of individual profile, athletic ability, fundamental display of position mastery and level of play as it transfers to the college game! 100+ years of college coaching and playing experience goes into every evaluation at My Football Evaluation. 


QB Player Profile Specifics & Measurable’s:

FBS Quarterback

Physical Measurables:                        Key Stats:

  • Height: 6’3″ – 6’5” 40yd: 4.5 – 4.6
  • Weight: 220 lbs. – 240lbs. Bench: 260 lbs. – 300lbs    Squat: 425 lbs. – 450lbs+

Coach Keys: *Polished – Pro-Style or Spread QBs *Spin Efficiency: Excels throwing – Deep Out, Comeback, Dig, and Seam Route with no loft / *Arm Strength – Ability to throw the ball through the goalpost from opposite 40-yard line / *Proficient ability to throw receivers open & ability to execute the back-shoulder throw / *Dual-Threat QBs may be raw as passers but best pure athlete on the field / *Demonstrates High level QB ability – All-State level *Recognition from national recruiting media & Premier National Camp & Combine presence a MUST.

Skill Set Breakdown

Physical Traits:

Arm Strength – Good velocity and spin with positive transfer and foot placement at set up. Good arm strength however throws a tight ball, can spin it!

Quick Release – Displays the ability to get the ball out of hands quickly with a tight release and minimal wasted throwing motions.

Accuracy and Ball Placement – Displays the ability and trust in offense scheme to throw WR’s open. Video display of throws deep, outside the #’s, seam and windows in zone!

Instincts & Vision – Display of very good run instincts and escape ability. Pocket instincts feeling the rush and moving in the pocket aiding OL pass protectors and locating throwing windows is very good and displayed on video.

Set Up Quickness – Primary in Shot Gun – 3-5-7 step drops – RPO’s with great feet and transfer.

Avoid Rush / Run Ability – Athletic ability and instincts are very good extending play putting pressure on Defense.

Production in Key Situations – Displays the leadership and “IT” factor needed at the QB position along with the character on and off the field to be the face of a team. A requirement for the QB position.  Leadership is evident in video interview. Presents himself very well, mature and has the ability to be face of program.

  • The Grip – Video display good and quick to arm the ball into throwing position. Note – would like to see a higher release point!
  • Lower and upper body passing mechanics – Very Good. Good plant foot and transfer to front foot with hips at target!  
  • Route Specific Ball Locations – Video display of throwing the WR open to a spot, good! Video display of RPO as well as Zone Read options in run game.  Spread offense allows Suddin to scan the field for coverage and read progression.
  • QB/Center Exchange – Primarily in shot gun.  Very Good Catch and arm of the ball with eyes downfield.
  • Pocket Movement – Displays good movement in pocket and relocate ability to open throwing lane window!. Creates with feet and keep eyes down field having knowledge of WR location when pocket breaks down, very good intangible!
  • Sprint Out and Play Action Mechanics – athletic player – video display in pocket off RPO and quick-5 progressions. Very good hips, shoulders and velocity to edge with eyes downfield pressuring Defense.

Top 5 Attributes College Coaches Look For In a Quarterback


To be a college quarterback, first and foremost you must be a leader. This is the number one quality every college coach looks for in a QB. Arguably, the QB is most important player on the field, able to influence the game more than any other position. Other than the center, the QB is the only player who touches the ball on every snap.

Coaches want to find a guy they can trust and have full confidence in. They want a winner, so if a QB is not leading his high school team to victory, how will he know how to do it in college? Rarely is a quarterback with a poor high school record sought after by college coaches. It just doesn’t happen.



Decision-making is a critically important aspect of being a QB. That said, doing well in the classroom and doing well on the field are not necessarily synonymous. Lots of academically strong athletes lack “football smarts,” and vice-versa. So take care of both!


You know how to handle your studies, but how do you get smart on the turf? This is something a coach sees both through film study and face-to-face interaction. QBs are forced to do a lot of quick thinking. Questions college coaches ask when evaluating a QB prospect include: does he make correct reads? Does he avoid turnovers? Can he audible when necessary, or make other adjustments? Will he be able to understand and be successful in our offense? When the answer is always yes, the prospect stands a good chance of being recruited.

Strength & Accuracy

Yes, I know these are two attributes, but they’re evaluated together. It doesn’t matter how strong a QB’s arm is if he can’t throw to the right spot. There’s something to be said for a guy who can throw both a 25-yard post-corner and a five-yard slant, because each throw requires a different trajectory, velocity and touch. Many quarterbacks can throw a 50-yard vertical route, but the special ones can make pristine throws all over the field.


Obviously every college coach dreams of a 6’5″ QB, but it’s often unrealistic, especially when you look away from the BCS schools. However, the taller a QB is, the better vision he will have over tall offensive linemen, making it easier to find blitzes coming, identify open receivers and avoid passes being knocked down.


Mobility is often evaluated in conjunction with size, so if you’re a QB on the shorter side, it’s even more important to be athletic. It’s just not as easy for a short QB to see over an offensive line. By mobility, I don’t mean you have to be Michael Vick. Obviously, how mobile the quarterback needs to be depends on the offense his team runs. But all QBs need to be mobile enough to step up in the pocket and extend a possession by making a play. He may choose to leave the pocket sooner, or a play might be called to get him outside of the tackle box with sprint-out action to clear his vision.

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