Questions for a Recruit to ask a College Coach & Questions to expect from a College Coach:

Here are some questions you can ask to make the most of a conversation with a college coach. Every conversation will be dictated the by the current recruiting situation, but here are a few topics that should be covered and some sample questions from each…

Academics: Simply put, academics are the most important part of the process. If the college coach does not share or ask your academic goals then it might be time to look at other options. Here are some academic questions You might want to ask:

  1. What are the admission requirements for an athlete?
  2. Will my specific major interfere with the athletic schedule?
  3. What are some of the most popular majors for athletes on your team?
  4. Does your team have a full-time academic advisor?
  5. Do your players graduate in four years?
  6. Can the application fee be waived for athletes?

Athletics / Recruiting:
These two topics overlap in many cases, as an athletic evaluation will determine how heavily the coaching staff will be recruiting You. Here are some “must ask” questions for recruits at any point in the process:

  1. Has your coaching staff evaluated me?
  2. Where do I fit on your recruiting board?
  3. Have you offered scholarships to others in my class? At my position?
  4. Have any other athletes in my class accepted the offers?
  5. How many players will you be recruiting at my position?
  6. Where will you be recruiting this season / next spring / next summer?
  7. What types of off-season activities are expected?
  8. What does the training program consist of at your school?
  9. What is your recruiting timeline?
  10. Is there a good time to come visit your school?

NOTE: it is rarely appropriate for a recruit to ask if they will receive a scholarship in an initial phone conversation, however there are a few questions that will help you gauge your scholarship possibilities at that school…

  1. How many scholarships do you have available for my class?
  2. Am I under consideration for a scholarship?
  3. What types of academic scholarships are available? What about other sorts of grants and aid?
  4. Do I have to apply before a scholarship is offered?
  5. What happens if I get injured?

College Life Questions

Even though athletics will obviously play a major role in the life of a collegiate student-athlete, You should make sure they are going to be happy on campus even when You are not with the team. Make sure to ask about some of the following:

  1. Are the players on your team close with each other?
  2. What is the housing situation like? Do teammates typically live together?
  3. Do student-athletes stay on campus during the summer?
  4. Is it possible to work part-time in addition to playing a sport and studying?
  5. What is a typical “day in the life” like for a member of your team during the season? What about during the off-season?

Important Final Questions

While there are many directions that a conversation might take with a college coach, one key goal should be to find out what comes next:

  1. What are the next steps in this process?
  2. When is the next time we can speak / meet?
  3. Is there anything I can provide you with that will help you further evaluate me?

Hopefully this list will provide You a starting point for the types of questions You should ask a college coach. By no means is this list comprehensive, but it should assist You as You prepare for your first conversation with a coach.

10 Questions to Expect from a Coach:

Q: How are you doing in school? What is your GPA, test scores, etc?

Advice: Make sure you are always aware of your current academic standing. Always know your GPA (both core and cumulative), class rank and test scores. Even if your GPA or test scores are lower than you would like, be honest with the coach and let them exactly what you are doing to improve. Tell them you are receiving extra tutoring or taking a SAT / ACT prep class to raise your scores. The worst thing You can do is simply not know your academic information. If you don’t know your GPA, what do you think a college coach will assume?

Q: What are your strengths as a player?

Advice: Do not be modest here! This is your chance to shine and tell the coach what you do best. Be informative and honest. You have been working your whole life to develop these strengths; be proud of them and communicate their value with answers that consist of more than one word.

Q: What areas of your game are you working to improve?

Advice: While this can be a tricky one, it is important to be honest. Do not spend too much time discussing your weaknesses, but rather let the coach know how your off-season workout is going to address those areas and how you are going to turn them into strengths.

Q: What are your goals for the upcoming season?

Advice: This is something You should think about. I encourage you to set measurable goals and write them down to hold yourself more accountable. Make sure to mention both team and individual goals.

Q: Do you think you are capable of playing at our level?

Advice: Always yes! Explain why you think you can compete at their level or what you are doing to ensure you would be an asset to a team at any level of play.

Q: What improvements have you made over the past couple of years?

Advice: Focus on things you have done to improve your game over the years. Do not be afraid to tell the coach how much better you are now than a year or two ago!

Q: What type of scholarships are you looking for?

Advice: This is your chance to bring up financial issues if they will be a determining factor in your decision making. Be open to options and always ask about other types of aid besides athletic scholarships. Never directly ask for a scholarship, but rather let the coach know what sort of impact that need will have on your decision.

Q: What are your interests or hobbies? Do you have a girlfriend, etc.?

Advice: This is the coach’s attempt to get to you know you on a personal level. Remember, in many cases, these coaches are many years older and they are doing their best to relate to the prospect. Let the coach know more about you! This will help you connect on a more casual level and also give the coach something to ask you about next time you speak. Have some fun with this question!

Q: Who is going to help you make your college decision?

Advice: Let the coach know who will be a part of the decision. Will your high school coach play an integral role? Will the decision be made by you and your parents? Are your parents involved? This information will greatly help the coach understand who needs to be included and involved.

***This is the million dollar question***

Q: What other schools are recruiting you?

Advice: Let them know who else is interested…and be honest! If the coach finds out that many other schools are recruiting you then you will immediately look like a better recruit. Try to let them know about schools that are similar to their school. No coach wants to lose a recruit to a rival school.
This is your chance to show off how wanted you are by other coaches with the hope that it motivates the coach you are speaking with at that time to take action. If you have offers, let the coach know.

Q: What questions do you have for me?

Advice: This is your chance to find out valuable information…don’t pass it up! 

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