Recruiting Tip of the Day: The Complexity of Recruiting – HS Coaches / Parents-Guardians / Recruiting Service and College Coaches!

Coach Anzevino is a coach of 32 years with experience at the College, HS & Europe along with 16 years as a player!

*Complex rules, dates, timelines all send a very mixed signal when it comes to Football recruiting.  Who can a High School football player look to for guidance through the recruiting process; HS Coach, Parents, Assistant Coaches, Recruiting Services, fact is all of the previous are viable choices!

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*We will outline a variety of recruiting help options out there for prospects and provide valuable information for each and let you decide what works for you!

*The initial evaluation of a potential recruit is the 1st and most important step in the recruiting process. The evaluation includes more than just athletic ability. College coaches are looking at academics, of course, character, commitment, development potential along with the key physical traits of size, speed, physicality, quickness, Football IQ, leadership, to name a few.

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List of Helpful Platforms for a potential recruit:
  1. High School Coach – Fact is the High School Coach is the gate keeper to college coaches. A quality HS coach will provide the most accurate and direct information a college coach is looking for. Many cases it is the head coach,however, it can be an assistant or group of assistant high school coaches that provide detail to the college coach for recruiting purposes.  A quality HS Coach will provide the valuable locker room information a college coach wants to hear. Examples, how is the prospect in the locker room with other players.  Is the prospect coachable in all moments, practice, game, critical situations in games. Does the prospect handle adversity well. Does the prospect practice hard.  Does the prospect buy into their identified role on the team. A quality HS Coach will verify strength numbers, speed numbers, HT & WT, etc. Needless to say a quality HS coach is invaluable to the recruiting process of a prospect.
  2. Parents / Guardians (P/G) – A prospect needs a support system and Parents/Guardians can provide that support a potential recruit needs. P/G with the resources can provide outside coaching and development from a personal trainer, position coach, dietician, speed coach and the list can go on and on. P/G also can provide exposure opportunities at National combines, showcases, college prospect camps, again the list can go on and on. This can be very expensive for P/G and in many cases misleading. All P/G have great intentions but guidance and direction is what sometimes leads P/G and a prospect down the wrong path.  Once headed down the wrong path P/G can begin to alienate very important parts of the support system a prospect needs to succeed in the recruiting process. Communication and direction are a must for P/G combined with an unbiased direct truthful evaluation of a game plan and projection for their prospect.
  3. Recruiting Service – A huge debate of opinions occurs when it comes to the needs of a recruiting service for a prospect in the recruiting process. Lets look at some facts. Many Division 1 coaches will tell you that they pay no attention to recruiting services and recommend not to use them in any way.  It is easy for a big power 5 D1 coach to say these things simply because they all have the resources of a recruiting team to scour the country for prospects at a very young age.  I know of 1 SEC program that carries a recruiting coordinator and 12 assistant recruiting coordinators. They cover the entire country looking for prospects that fit the physical and athletic profile of their coaches and present those players to the recruiting board at a very young age. Many times just after the 9th grade year they have identified their top recruits.  Each position will look very much like a carbon copy of their current roster with almost a cloning of sort by position.  The truth is though, most programs do not have those resources. Here is a list of the total number of college football programs: (884)

    FBS –  128

    FCS –  125

    Division II – 171

    Division III – 247

    NAIA – 87

    Add another 126 two year colleges

    When you dive into the numbers, about half of the FBS schools will not use a recruiting service and many will highly recommend against using a recruiting service. As a college football coach for 2+ decades I will tell you that many high school coaches are not permitted the time to promote their prospects to colleges due to their demand as a teacher and current team. P/G have other children, jobs, life in general and time is a factor as well. Most college coaching staffs have limited budgets for recruiting so the ability to recruit without restrictions is not possible. Recruiting services step in to provide the bridge for prospects.  We will cover in another recruiting tip of the day the whole recruiting service process impact on recruiting. There is a need for HS Coaches, Parents & College Coaches to utilize a recruiting service as long as all work for the best interest of the prospect.

Summary of our topic of Recruiting and how HS Coaches, Parents-Guardians,Recruiting Services and Colleges Coaches co-exist? When all put the interest of the prospect 1st and are truthful about the projection, not wishful, the process will work in collaboration and the prospect will experience success on their recruiting journey.


The initial evaluation is the 1st step to this success! An accurate evaluation will provide the direction and game plan for success along with saving resources, heartache, division and disappointment.

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