Recruiting Tip of the Day! Your Highlight Video

Tip of the Day! VERY IMPORTANT! When you highlight yourself on a Highlight Video for College Coaches always do it BEFORE the play starts and DO NOT STOP the play while it is in progress. Coaches want to see the whole play start to finish!

It is very difficult and time consuming to try and sort out a play that starts after the snap. College Coaches do not have time to waste doing this so they simply won’t watch your video. That is the last thing you want to have happen. So highlight yourself before the play starts and let the play run start to finish so coaches can see what you do and how you react to a developing play at full speed. So make it easy for them and give yourself a chance to be evaluated.

So Remember.

  1. Highlight yourself before the snap of the ball to start the play
  2. Let the play run without stopping it until the play is over
  3. Never stop the play once the ball has been snapped
  4. Absolutely NO SLOW MOTION! College Coaches are trying to evaluate your speed

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