Reggie Bush goes to the Motor City

Detroit Lions sign Reggie Bush

Reggie Bush is the newest member of the Detroit Lions.  Bush will join Mathew Strafford and Megatron in in Detroit adding to an already good offense, especially in the passing game.  Can Bush return to his roots as a running back catching the ball out of the backfield.  In his rookie year with the Saints, Bush had 80 receptions coming out of the backfield.  In the last 2 years with the Dolphins, Bush began to run between the tackles, going over 1000 yards in 2011 and over 900 in 2012.  Bush is talented, eh will create a mismatch will most LB’s and Safety’s.  He is a big pick up for the Lions and a huge loss for the Dolphins.  The Detroit Lions improved their football team today.


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