Rerouting #2 WR detached in cover 3

Defending a #2 receiver detached when playing cover 3. We all talk about stopping the vertical push of a #2 receiver attacking the seam. What is the best way to accomplish this. We coach a reroute / catch technique by our Titan / SS or LB.
Coaching points:
1.  Align 1×7 off #2 detached. (Inside leverage)
2.  Parallel stance eyes on the outside hip of #2 detached.
3. On snap, buzz 2 steps downhill and expand 1 coming to balance with eyes focused on outside hip of wr.
4.  On vertical press by wr keep eyes focused on outside hip, objective is to stop vertical push by rerouting wr inside to shallow hole & deep hole help.
5.  Do not lunge, any slight hesitation by the wr vertical hinders the offense ability to attack the seam.
6.  When wr comes off vertical track the timing of the vertical threat is compromised.
7. When initiating contact with wr the defender must NOT over extend and lunge to reroute. The “catch” concept comes into play as we make contact  with outside leverage emphasis by the defender.
8.  The impact of contact MUST disrupt the vertical push knocking the wr off track.
9.  Defender MUST be physical, establish a great balanced pad level and beat the wr to the spot. We accomplish our goal by keeping our eyes focused on the AP *aiming point*, feet moving and coming to balance with a low pad level.
10. The contact does not have to be violent but must disrupt the route and alter the timing of the wr.
I look forward to any feedback and  appreciate remarks and coaching points.
*”Laying a foundation 1 brick at a time.”

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