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MyFootball Evaluation and our team committed to bringing you and your families the best resources available to help you gain the edge through your unique recruiting process. 


*scoutSMART helps you find the best recruits for your college athletic program using a customized analytics platform! 

Technology – scoutSMART uses a proprietary algorithm that merges quantitative and subjective data to develop a fitSCORE for each recruit based on your specific program’s needs and requirements. FREE to all athletes – Tell Diane and the scoutSMART team Coach A. sent YOU



*Tutoring – ACT/SAT prep – Core Class Guidance and Training / Virtual Classroom & much more!


The Virtual Tutoring Mission – Our mission is to help student-athletes succeed by providing them with virtual access to professional, interactive and personalized tutoring sessions whenever and wherever they need help. Virtual TutorTell Monisha Coach A. sent YOU! 




*Soldier Sports – The best and coolest Mouth Guards and Lip Protectors on the market!


MyFootball Evaluation working with Soldier Sports providing the best Mouth Guard & Lip Protector on the Market!  $50,000 Dental warranty with each purchase! Order Here NOW! 


We are experts in what colleges are LOOKING FOR and in how FINANCIAL AID DECISIONS ARE MADE.  We know the “secrets” of getting into and paying for college. Our experienced and creative team has helped our students and their families make smart, informed choices about college.
Let’s talk about how we can help you too: Click HERE to schedule a call! 



*Social Media exposure & guidance – Play Book Athlete will work with our student-athletes and their parents to ensure they are getting the maximum exposure possible through social media. We do this by getting your athlete ON THE MAP in our national directory as well as tweeting original content and retweeting your athlete’s content to our 20,000+ twitter followers. Whether you need more exposure to camps, trainers, or college coaches………WE HAVE YOU COVERED!

PROVIDING THE BEST EXPOSURE THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA – The Play BookTell Joe and the Play Book Team Coach A. sent YOU! 




*Recruiting News Guru – The Inside Scoop on the Latest Football Recruiting NewsInterviews and articles from one of the best and most respected sports writers out there today helping athletes and families. Tell Ryan Coach A. sent YOU!





*MyFootball Evaluation always looking out for the best interest of our families and athletes!
*MyFootball Evaluation works independently from each of our partners expressing a high regard for each partner we bring to our athletes & families.
*An athletes relationship with one of partners is exclusively with one of our partners! 
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