DL wrong arm technique

DL – 3 tech or 5 tech vs. down block by the OL.
1. Identify strike zone – (V of the neck with inside hand / outside hand outside shoulder pad tip.
2. Eyes follow strike hand to V of neck.
3. Feet – we want 3 steps before the OL player can get 2 feet in the ground.
4. ” feet then hands” coaching point.
5. Progression – ( strike / seperate / escape).
6. OL downblock
7. DL squezze AP (aiming point) to heals of OL.
8. Parallel stance and eyes inside looking for the elephants on parade or puller.
9. Identify puller and attack inside hip / inside thigh board with outside forearm.
10. Aggressively attack puller to the inside hip and thigh board
11. Result = creating a pile / canceling the gap inside / 2 for 1 on GT / forcing the RB to run the hump.
12. Allows LBs fast flow down hill to B, C or D gaps.
Spill technique is my preference.
Comments appreciated!

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