Steven Jackson heads to Atlanta!

Steven Jackson takes his bruising style to the Falcons 

 Steven leaves the Rams to join a prolific offense in Atlanta.  The Falcons have made another big move in acquiring Steven Jackson from the Rams.  Add this to Tony Gonzalez returning for another year, a young franchise QB and a great core of WR’s the Falcons will once again be difficult offense to stop.  Will Jackson be the missing piece to get Mike Smith’s Falcons to the Super Bowl?  I am not sure.  I do know that Jackson will provide balance in the running game and force defenses to think about dropping a safety into the box.  Atlanta Falcons Media Organizer (Google Affiliate Ad)
This will allow more 1 on 1 coverage with Julio Jones, Roddy White and Gonzalez.  Jackson will also provide a great outlet for Ryan in the passing game.  Another huge factor in Jackson signing with the Falcons is that he will not have to provide the lions share of the offense.  In St. Louis with the Rams for the last 7 years Jackson was circled by the opposing defenses each week and teams loaded the box to stop him.  In Atlanta this will not happen.  Jackson needs to stay healthy and be that throwback bruising back that can provide 20-25 touches a game.  This will provide the balance the Falcons need, help Gonzalez stay healthy and isolate Jones and white.  I like the Falcons and their chances to go far again in the playoffs.  They were able to get the playoff win this past year and now in 2013 I see the Falcons being a strong contender to reach the Super Bowl under Mike Smith.  I admire what this franchise has accomplished following the Michael Vick debacle a few years back.  They went into the draft and drafted their franchise QB in Matt Ryan and have built this team offensively each year into a blueprint prolific NFL offense.  They are not going this way of “zone-read” QB, the organization understands the NFL game and I am rooting for them in 2013.  GO FALCONS!!  Fathead Atlanta Falcons Matt Ryan Wall Decal (Google Affiliate Ad)

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