Dynamic Prep Warm-up!

Component Exercise
Foam Rolling (SMR) Glutes/Hip Rotators
Foam Rolling (SMR) Quads/Adductors
Foam Rolling (SMR) Upper Back/Shoulder
Stretch 90/90 (internal/external hip rotators) 5 BR
Stretch Wall Quad w/overhead reach 5 BR
Stretch Posterior Hip Rock 5 BR


Exercise Reps
Band Assisted Leg Lower 10 each
Spiderman’s 5 each
1/2 Kneeling Adductor Rock 6 each
Laying hip lift w/ pause at top 10
single leg hip lift w/ pause at top 10 each
Lunge Matrix (Forward/lateral) 3 each
Quad Stretch w/reach 4 each


Foam Rolling (optional/ only if available to use)

    • Glutes and Hip Rotators
      • Sit on roll, with glutes in contact with foam roller
      • Lean onto left glute and roll from top to bottom
      • After rolling cross the left leg over top of the right leg
      • Press deeper into hip pocket and roll entire glute
      • Same procedure for other side
    • Quads
      • Place foam roller on ground and lay perpendicular on roll, with roller starting at the top of the knee
      • In one continuous motion roll from top of knee to bottom of hip.
      • If any Tight/hot spots are found, sit on area for 10 seconds then move on
    • Adductors/GroinRepeat on opposite leg
        • Lie face down with one leg on top of foam roller so its against inner thigh
        • Shift as much weight as possible onto roller as possible
        • Roller over the area between bottom of hip and top of knee.


IT Band

  • Lie on side with bottom leg placed onto foam roller
  • Roll leg over the foam from the bottom of hip and stopping at the top of the knee
  • Repeat on opposite side
  • Quads
    • Lie facedown on the floor with foam roller under one leg and weight supported by hand and forearms
    • Roll area between bottom of hip and stopping at the top of the knee
    • Repeat on opposite leg



90/90 Internal and External Rotators

  • Sit on ground with one leg bent in front of you with knee at a 90 degree angle
  • Place second leg behind body with knee also bend at 90 degree angle
  • Push front hip into the floor and slowing bring chest down towards knee until stretch can be felt in front hip
  • Take 5 deep breathes
  • After breathing sit up and place hands behind body
  • Press front knee into the floor and turn shoulders toward front knee
  • You will feel stretch in the front of the trailing leg
  • Take 5 deep breathes and repeat on opposite side

Posterior Hip Rock

  • Place hands and knee onto ground
  • Spread knees apart as far as tolerable
  • Point toes into the ground
  • Straighten one leg and place out to the side
  • Keep back straight take deep breath and rock hips backwards
  • Will feel stretch inside of leg
  • Breath out and push hips forward
  • Repeat for reps and then switch to opposite legs


Wall Quad with overhead Reach

  • Getting down on right knee in front of a wall
  • Place right toes high up against wall with knee staying in contact with floor
  • Place left foot directly in front of body with 90 degree angle at left knee
  • Sitting tall, squeeze glutes together
  • Raise right hand up into air, and slightly lean to left side
  • Will feel in quad and hip flexor
  • Take 5 deep breathes and repeat on other leg


Band assisted Leg Lowers

  • Laying face up on ground with towel/rubber band wrapped around one foot
  • Keep both legs as straight as possible bring both feet up into as high as possible
  • While keeping lower back pressed onto floor and banded leg as straight as possible, drop slowly lower un-banded leg toward ground and hover over floor.
  • Pause at end position and then slowly bring leg back up
  • Keep both legs as straight as possible through entire range of motion, if either leg bends what so ever, start from a lower position.


  my football evaluation


  • Start in pushup position
  • Swing left leg out towards left hand so that left leg is outside the hand
  • Take left elbow and push towards ground
  • Take deep breath
  • While breathing out take left and and open up towards ceiling
  • Close arm and end back in push up position
  • Alternate legs for allotted reps

½ Kneeling Adductor Rock

    • Start with right knee on ground with right toes pointed into the floor
    • Left hip will be opened with toes facing out
    • Squeezing glutes and pushing hips forward athlete will rock toward left foot
    • Release breath and come back to neutral
    • Repeat for reps
      and switch to opposite leg



Hip lift and Single Leg Hip lift

  • Lay face up with feet flat on ground
  • Press heels into the floor and point toes towards ceiling
  • While driving through heels pick butt off floor and lift until athlete can squeeze glutes
  • Hold positon for 10 seconds
  • After hold bring butt to floor and repeat with 10, 1 second holds
  • After 10 repetitions athlete will bring one knee towards chest and perform exercise with only one leg
  • Repeat on opposite leg



Quad Stretch w/reach

  • Standing on two feet athlete will pick up leg and bring foot towards glutes
  • The athlete will then grab the ankle, and simulate a quad stretch
  • The athlete will then take the free hand and reach over head
  • Once hand is over head, the athlete will lean forward until chest is parallel with floor
  • Hold end position and then return to neutral


Forward Lunge

  • Standing tall, athlete will step forward with left foot, and bring right knee to ground
  • Chest must stay in an upright position with no forward or backward lean
  • Knee on trail leg must touch ground


Lateral Lunge

  • Starting with feet wide and toes facing forward
  • Step out to the right and shift your body weight over your right leg
  • Bend right leg to a 90-degree angle at the knee.
  • Exhale and bring body back up to standing position.
  • Must maintain upright chest and back
  • No forward lean in upper body
  • Must keep weight on heels of feet

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