Theory of the Machete


Linebacker PLAY:

of the Machete:
Every Defensive player will adopt the
Machete theory when defeating a block form an offensive player.  Our philosophy will always be that 1st and foremost we must defeat the blocker
in order to get to the ball carrier.  We
must show him the respect he deserves and focus our attention on this very
important progression to our defensive philosophy.
We will imagine the offensive player has
a machete in his hand and wants to use it on us!  This method emphasizes the importance of
defeating the block and allows us to coach the proper technique, commitment and
aggressiveness we will demand of every defensive player.
•Steps in defeating the Block:
•“Eyes right” – we must always focus
our eyes on the blocker, (man with the machete).
•“Strike Zone” – every defensive
player will know their strike zone.
•“Strike Zone Execution” – We will
break down the strike zone and rep it as a part of our EDD’s (every day
drills), or POAD, (Principles of Aggressive Defense) time allocation at
•“Aggressive strike, separate & escape” – This will be a violent strike and an aggressive approach to
defeating the block.
•“Run Fits & Angles” – every
defender will know their run fit and proper angle to the ball carrier.
“Laying a Foundation 1 Brick at a Time!”
Coach Ron Anzevino

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