Welker & Amendola find New Homes

Welker to the Broncos & Amendola to the Patriots

Well, Tom Brady restructures his contract to provide cap space for the Patriots to resign Wes Welker.  All indications were that Brady would keep his go to WR now that the money space was available.  How free agency can change.  Belichick has always operated as if players other than Brady were moving parts.  He has for the most part been right on the moves he has made.  Losing Welker is a risky move.  Welker may not be the type of guy that Belichick traditionally operates with.  Last year Welker spoke out against the Patriots and Belichick during his hold out and many including me thought the Patriots would part ways with Welker.  They franchised him last year and Welker responded with another 100+ receiving year.  Now, Belichick, Brady and now Josh McDaniels know how to maintain a roster and they certainly know how to put points up and win football games.  Welker has been the recipient of playing with at great QB and now will play with another great QB.  For Welker 2 years $12 million guaranteed to catch footballs from Peyton Manning is a good move for the Broncos and their fans.  The Broncos take a step forward with a proven player in Welker.  Great move for the Broncos at a good price compared to what the Dolphins just did in giving Mike Wallace $30 million+ and Wallace has not left the imprint on the league that Welker has the past few years.         
The Patriots moved quickly to counter the
move, signing former Rams receiver Danny Amendola to a five-year
contract worth $31 million, of which $10 million is guaranteed,
according to a league source.

Amendola, 27, is 4½ years younger than Welker,
2 inches taller, and more athletic after the catch, similar to Julian
Edelman (also a free agent). But Amendola, who had a career-best 85
catches in 2010, has missed 20 games the past two seasons.  Brady will help Amendola stay healthy.  He is a veteran QB that will throw Amendola open!  Amendola is fearless going after the football.  Some of his durability problems can be attested to a young QB putting the football up and a young WR wanting to make a name for himself going after the ball in the defenses dangerous territory.  Amendola will fill the hole for Welker, but do not forget about Aaron Hernandez.  Hernandez is one of the best football players in the league.  The Patriots, Brady, McDaniels & Belichick, may have a bigger plan.  We may well see Hernandez step into the 100+ catch role and with Amendola and Gronk, lookout, the Patriots will have firepower like no one else in the league again.  I think the move was good for both the Patriots and Welker.  Although, I do not know if Brady thought he was taking a pay cut for Amendola!   

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