What level of play does your Football skill set match up?

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Recruiting is very time consuming and can cost you and your family thousands and thousands of dollars. Let me give you some examples:

1)   Travel Costs = Summer Camps and Winter Combines are an important part of the Recruiting Process. So are Unofficial Visits to college campuses. Some of these may involve extensive travel and overnight lodging. Paying for fuel, food and lodging can be expensive. Do you agree that knowing which camps, which combines and which schools you should be going to is important? Knowing this alone can save you thousands of dollars.

2)  Recruiting Services = There are several companies out there that charge a hefty fee to help high school football players get exposure and get recruited. These companies can be very beneficial to your recruiting success. But, not every high school football player needs a Recruiting Service. Before spending thousands of dollars on one don’t you think it would be a good idea to find out if you actually need one?

 3)  Camp Costs = There are different types of Summer Camps. There are specific position Skills Camps. There are Regional Camps that are part of a National Series of Camps that can provide valuable exposure and there are One Day College Camps or Showcases. Each of these camps can be very instrumental in your success. They all cost money to attend. Do you know which of these camps are the most important for you?

4)   Personal Coaches and Trainers = They can help you get bigger, faster and stronger. They can help you improve in the skill sets for your position. These guys can be very instrumental in helping you get to the level you need to be at to get recruited. This can be expensive and time consuming. Do you know what areas you need to improve in to play at the college level?

5)   College Coach Communication = If you want to be recruited you need to communicate with college coaches. This involves emailing them your information and expressing your interest in their school and football program. This is very time consuming. Do you want to waste your valuable time reaching out to the wrong schools and coaches?

These are the reasons why you should be professionally evaluated before you spend money on anything else. Find out which Division Level of College Football you are best suited for. We will look at your size, speed, athletic ability, skill sets, instincts, football IQ, work ethic and level of competition you are playing. We will take these components and prepare a complete player evaluation for you. We will let you know where you are right now and what you need to improve on to potentially move up a Division Level.

Don’t waste any more time or money. Take the first step on your way to recruiting success! Get evaluated now!

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Your professional skill set evaluation is the 1st step on your recruiting journey and will be the most important step to navigating your target list of Colleges to research. Upgrade to a 5-star Evaluation for even better results!

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